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2011 Car-Part Industry Conference: Class Descriptions

While reviewing the schedule, you may notice that some class names are color coded. These colors correspond to several different "tracks" we think you might like to follow during the conference. We have created these tracks with specific business roles in mind. These tracks are only suggestions-all classes are open to all conference participants.

Black Indicates classes designed for the executive or manager
Blue Indicates classes related to the Checkmate inventory management system
Red Indicates classes related to the Fast Parts inventory management system
Green Indicates classes about our auction, inventory, and pricing tools: Bidmate, Partmate, and CrashLink
Purple Indicates classes about our web products including Car-Part Pro, Trading Partners, and Car-Part Messaging

New this year! Indicates classes that are new this year
Only being offered once during the conference! Indicates classes only being offered once during the conference

Executive Track:

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Interviewing for and Developing Learning Agility in Employees - Dr. Linda Gravett
Participants will learn:
  • The definition of Emotional Intelligence and why it's important to seek it out when hiring staff
  • Concrete interview questions and methods to find employees who have high levels of emotional intelligence and, in particular, learning agility

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Tying Compensation to Employee Performance - Derek Jackson
Participants will learn:
  • How to build a performance-based organization
  • Developing goals and objectives
  • Linking pay and performance

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Management Foundations: Avoiding the Common Mistakes Made by Managers - Derek Jackson
Participants will learn:
  • How to recognize and avoid common mistakes made by managers

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   The 14 Golden Rules for Sales Managers - Rob Rainwater
Participants will learn:
  • Insights into the sales management process
  • Techniques to help salespeople sell used auto parts
  • Who your customer is in the recycling industry

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   The 14 Golden Rules for Sales - Rob Rainwater
Participants will learn:
  • The 14 golden rules all salespeople need to know to sell used auto parts

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   The 5 Sales Triggers - Rob Rainwater
Participants will learn:
  • Five common mistakes that salespeople make
  • How to avoid those mistakes in your sales process
  • A practical look at the management aspects of selling

Executive Roundtables - Roger Schroder
Participants will learn:
  • Why Recycler Executive Roundtables are the most cost-effective tool to leverage the knowledge and experience of other recyclers
  • What happens at a typical Roundtable meeting
  • About the Car-Part Reports developed for Recycler Executive Roundtables
  • What current Roundtable members have to say about the program

New this year!   Understanding the Aftermarket Collision Parts Industry - Dan Morrissey
Participants will learn:
  • The latest trends in aftermarket collision parts sales
  • Understanding product certification programs: CAPA, NSF, and Diamonds Standards
  • How aftermarket complement salvage and recycled part sales

Checkmate Track:

New this year!   Checkmate Build 70 Enhancements - JC Chastain
Participants will learn:
  • PO Required
  • Accounting Enhancements
  • Dismantled Projected Sales
  • Emailing Statements
  • Car-Part Statistics

New this year!   Order Trakker - Tom Andrade
Participants will learn:
  • Enhancements in Build 70
  • The Order Trakker Process
  • Adding accountability with "Assigned to"
  • Tracking shipments with UPS Link
  • Looking up part status

New this year!   Getting ready for Car-Part Pro: Checkmate Categories and Part Grading - Sonny Gonzales and Bob Johnson
Participants will learn:
  • Why it is important to use categories
  • How to map locations to categories
  • How to handle parts before they are dismantled
  • How to list parts by category on the Sales screen

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Introduction to Checkmate Accounting - Sandra Toews
Participants will learn:
  • How easily a customer can be added in the Accounting and/or Sales screens
  • The steps for generating the new Crystal statements
  • How to run and use the Accounting Reports
  • Applying payments in Checkmate
  • Looking up invoices
  • Procedures for end of day, end of month, and end of year

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Introduction to Checkmate Inventory - Tammy Baines
Participants will learn:
  • How to reprint tags and "kill" the Print Tag Report
  • The importance of editing individual part prices and maintaining the Price Book
  • Effective use of the Description field
  • How to scrap a vehicle
  • How to run a customized inventory report
  • How to efficiently complete resolutions
  • How to inventory with AMR

Checkmate Reporting - Nandy Banks
Participants will learn:
  • Daily Sales Journal
  • Profitability Reports
  • Sales Deviation Report
  • Work Order Exception
  • Inventory Reports

Checkmate Hardware Maintenance - Jeremy Baines
Participants will learn:
  • Backups
  • Using a dual system backup
  • Hardware maintenance schedule
  • Warning signs
  • How to keep it clean

Using Excel with Checkmate - Nandy Banks
Participants will learn:
  • Exporting data from Checkmate to create Microsoft Excel reports
  • How to use Checkmate Data Tables
  • Summarizing data in Excel
  • How to link Excel tables to Checkmate
  • Using Excel to create Dashboards

Checkmate Real Time Barcoding - Jeremy Baines
Participants will learn:
  • Yard layout with locations that make sense
  • The process for inventory control
  • The procedure for using the barcode scanner to move parts
  • How to do an inventory audit
  • How to scrap and purge parts using the scanner

Checkmate Crystal Reports- Dan Ruud
Participants will learn:
  • Entering Yard Statistics
  • How to run the reports
  • Evaluating overhead
  • Buying Report
  • Wage and Employee Productivity Reports

The Checkmate Conversion Process - Dennis Young
Participants will learn:
  • Who and what can be converted
  • What is not converted
  • Tailoring the conversion to fit your process
  • Preparing for the conversion (Pre-Training)
  • What to expect on day one when we go live
  • Ongoing support after you go live

Fast Parts Track:

New this year!  Only being offered once during the conference!   Fast Parts: Roadmap to Success with Car-Part Tools and Services - Luis Canisalez
Participants will learn:
  • Easily add inventory to your Fast Parts system with the click of a button using Partmate
  • Sell more parts without picking up the phone using Car-Part brokering solutions and iCPM
  • Price your parts just right so they can sell quicker using our integrated Car-Part solutions (Trading Partners and FastNnet)
  • Experience live demonstrations of the NEW and innovative revenue-generating Car-Part services like CrashLink and Car-Part Pro

Bidmate/Partmate/CrashLink Track:

Introduction to Bidmate - Ben Stone
Participants will learn:
  • How to import recycler data
  • Importing and re-importing auctions (Automatic and Manual)
  • Understanding the Vehicles screen
  • The vehicle evaluation process (Requests, Quantity on Hand)
  • How to print Bidmate reports
  • Additional ways to use Bidmate
    • Bidmate in a U-pull-it yard
    • Bidmate on the sales counter
    • Bidmate "request activity only"

Intermediate Bidmate - Ben Stone
Participants will learn:
  • How to create custom part filters
  • Bidmate Trading Partners configuration
  • Determining which vehicles to evaluate first
  • The math behind Bidmate

Advanced Bidmate - Jody Prather
Participants will learn:
  • Bidmate Recycler Options
  • requests in Bidmate

Partmate - Troy Pendleton
Participants will learn:
  • How to add a vehicle to Partmate
  • How to use the Options tab
  • Inventorying and exporting parts
  • SmartVin and Smart Interchange
  • The Recycler Options available in Partmate
  • How to create custom parts lists
  • Editing and configuring Partmate options
  • How to use categories

New this year!   CrashLink - Jody Prather
Participants will learn:
  • CrashLink introduction
  • CrashLink integration into Checkmate and Fast Parts
  • Pricing and OEM interchange tools
  • Motor images

Web Products Track:

Car-Part Interchange - Cliff Johnson
Participants will learn:
  • How SmartVin and Smart Interchange work
  • What Car-Part changes in the interchange
  • How the aftermarket interchange works
  • Future plans for the interchange
  • Mercury interchange
  • Alternate vehicles and alternate parts
  • OE to interchange mapping

New this year!   Car-Part Pro: Selling More Parts to the Professional Repairer (Part 1 of 2) - Jeffrey Schroder
Participants will learn:
  • How to be more competitive against new OE and aftermarket parts
  • Why accurate delivery times are so important to shops
  • The power in combining broker networks with accurate delivery times
  • Car-Part Certifications: which option is best for you? Gold, Silver, or Bronze
  • Pricing into the collision repair industry
  • Real-time verification
  • How to make more money on the web with warranties and deliveries

Getting Started with Car-Part Pro (Part 2 of 2) - Molly Farler
Participants will learn:
  • How to configure your local deliveries
  • How to configure your distribution networks and/or brokers
  • Setting up your warranties and return policies
  • Configuring your recycler services summary page
  • Determining your certification level

Advanced Trading Partners and Intro to Car-Part Messaging (part 1 of 2) - Molly Farler
Participants will learn:
  • Brokering with Trading Partners and Car-Part Messaging
  • Advanced Trading Partners features
  • Customizing your search with Favorites and Radius Search
  • Introduction to Car-Part Messaging
  • Transaction management with Car-Part Messaging
  • Broadcasting Part requests with an F-Key (new!)

New this year!   Advanced Car-Part Messaging (part 2 of 2) - Andi Schroder
Participants will learn:
  • Using the integrated Interchange Application
  • Advanced part request management
  • Private messaging features
  • Proactive selling from sales rooms and the Bulletin Board
  • Customizing your conversation buttons and request Buttons (new!)
  • Directory search features (new!)
  • Customizing your Saved Contacts (new!)
  • Customizing your status, notifications, and display (new!)

Coremate and Core Pricing - Jeff Farris
Participants will learn:
  • How core buyers can bid on multiple parts at once
  • Using the bulk buyer price based on interchange number
  • The advantages of receiving bids are only for parts seller has in stock
  • The ease of quoting sell quantity per interchange number
  • How to "sell" parts out of an IMS
  • Shipping options for core parts


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