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2014 Car-Part Industry Conference: Class Descriptions
August 7–9, 2014

"Innovating for Your Future"

While reviewing the class descriptions, you may notice that some class names are color coded. These colors correspond to several different "tracks" we think you might like to follow during the conference. We have created these tracks with specific business roles in mind. These tracks are only suggestions; all classes are open to all conference participants.

Purple Indicates classes about our web products including Car-Part Pro™, Trading Partners™, and Car-Part Messaging™
Blue Indicates classes related to the Checkmate® inventory management system
Green Indicates classes about our auction, inventory, and pricing tools: Bidmate™, Partmate™, and CrashLink™
Red Indicates classes related to the Fast Parts® inventory management system
Black Indicates classes designed for an executive or manager

New this year! Indicates classes that are new this year
Only being offered once during the conference! Indicates classes only being offered once during the conference

Car-Part Web Product Classes:

New this year!  Car-Part Interchange Plus: Taking Interchange to the Next Level - Jody Prather, Joanna Cohen
Participants will learn:
  • The evolution of Car-Part Interchange
  • NEW! Car-Part Interchange Plus for non-interchange parts exclusively from Car-Part
  • See Car-Part products where Car-Part Interchange Plus is used
  • Differences between Car-Part Interchange Plus and traditional Interchange
  • Learn how Car-Part Interchange Plus can make your business more money!

New this year!  Maximizing Sales with Brokering - Lori Handke, Theresa Colbert
Participants will learn:
  • The importance of brokering
  • The many ways you can broker parts with Car-Part
  • Brokering aftermarket parts
  • List price accounts
  • How the collision repair industry uses the list price
  • Building a dynamic marketplace on Car-Part Pro

New this year!  Car-Part eCommerce - Molly Farler
Participants will learn:
  • How your Car-Part Pro configuration influences the way your parts appear to potential buyers
  • How to make your parts more attractive using part grading, accurate descriptions, warranties, and delivery times
  • Categorizing your aftermarket parts correctly with the Questionnaire
  • How Real Time Part Verification (RTP) helps you sell more parts
  • The importance of the Order Part button to the professional buyer
  • How Seller Order Manager (SOM) helps you manage your Car-Part Pro orders effectively
  • The importance of Car-Part Messaging in online sales (orders, RTP, and helping customers)

New this year!  Advanced Car-Part Messaging - Kyle Leatherwood
Participants will learn:
  • Selling to Car-Part Pro buyers create additional sales opportunities with messages originating from Car-Part Pro buyers
  • The Verify tab and Real-Time Part Verification (RTP) requests
  • Proactive selling from sales rooms and the Bulletin Board
  • Broadcasting part requests with an F-Key
  • Private messaging features
  • Customizing iCPM alerts and buttons
  • Directory search features

New this year!  Car-Part Gold - Molly Farler
Participants will learn:
  • Getting the most out of your Car-Part Gold tools.
  • Basic upload service customization with the Questionnaire
  • Using Trading Partners to locate aftermarket parts.
  • Communicating instantly with buyers, recyclers, and alternate part suppliers using Car-Part Messaging (iCPM)
  • Brokering parts to increase customer satisfaction and your profits
  • Using your Car-Part Search Statistics/Hot Sellers Reports to grow your business
  • Sell your parts and services to the collision repair industry in the Car-Part Pro marketplace, featuring Real Time Part Verification (RTP) and eCommerce.
  • Enhancing your website with multi-part search, search by images, wheel images, and Spanish search
  • Selling more cores and getting the best prices by using Coremate and Core Pricing
  • Using the Core Pricing app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Coremate, Core Pricing, and Advanced Core Pricing - Theresa Colbert
Participants will learn:
  • Knowing total vehicles core values when buying, dismantling, and scrapping
  • Using core prices to dismantle more efficiently
  • Knowing core prices (core charges) when selling parts with Car-Part Exchange
  • The advantages of receiving bids for parts you have in stock
  • Shipping options for core parts
  • How long quotes are honored
  • Exceptions for quotes received
  • Using the Core Pricing app
  • Using Advanced Core Pricing to price cores

Checkmate Classes:

New this year!  How to Not Lose Parts: Inventory Management Tools and Process - Jeff Budd
Participants will learn:
  • Optimizing your inventory workflow
  • Using Gadgets, vehicle categories, and locations to manage vehicles/inventory
  • Prioritizing and scheduling vehicle inventorying and dismantling
  • Using Real Time Barcoding to improve part accuracy and quality control
  • Customization with Location to Category mappings, Find and Sell suppressions (Vehicle Category and Review), and part grading

Hands On with Part Grading and Assemblies - Bob Johnson, Adam Prather
Participants will learn:
  • ARA Part Grading industry standards
  • Part grading impact how your inventory displays on Car-Part Pro
  • Determining the correct assemblies to maximize your sales
  • Hands-on practice determining the grade and condition of actual parts

New this year!  QuickBooks Basics - Katherine Bunschoten, KHBOffice LTD
Participants will learn:
  • Understanding debits and credits
  • Differences between balance sheet items, revenue items, and expense items
  • Reconciling QuickBooks accounts
  • Recording journal entries
  • Understanding how to manage petty cash and un-deposited funds

Integrating Checkmate with QuickBooks - Lynette Lems, Dan Ruud
Participants will learn:
  • How Checkmate and QuickBooks work together to simplify your accounting
  • What you need to do to prepare for conversion to QuickBooks
  • Understanding which data transfers over to QuickBooks
  • How the integration changes your accounting process
    • Looking up accounts
    • Accepting payments
    • Statements
    • Reports
    • End of day and end of month procedures
  • Importance of backing up data
  • Troubleshooting tips

EZ Route and Order Trakker Integration - Jim McKinney, EZ Route; JC Chastain
Participants will learn:
  • Preparing your system for EZ Route
  • Managing your local deliveries
  • Optimizing your delivery truck routes
  • Receiving notifications of your drivers progress
  • Providing your customers with the status of their parts
  • Management Reporting and reviewing costs

Selling Parts on eBay with Checkmate - Greg Croka, Jordan Palmer
Participants will learn:
  • Preparing your inventory for sale on eBay
  • Setting up your eBay account
  • Listing your parts on eBay
  • Using templates to list parts more easily
  • Fitment and how it impacts your inventory
  • Car-Part Interchange Plus

New this year!  Dashboards and Operational Reports - Joe Heiman
Participants will learn:
  • Using Dashboard Gadgets
  • Exporting data from Checkmate to create Microsoft Excel Reports
  • Crystal Reports (Sales and Inventory)
  • Repricing Reports
  • Repricing in 5,12,17
  • Inventory review in 5,12,17
  • Additional reporting in Checkmate Classic
  • Scrapping a vehicle

Order Trakker and Wireless Barcoding - Greg Croka, Eric Robbins
Participants will learn:
  • Setting up your workflow
  • Auto-dispatching
  • Pick slips
  • Shipping/return tags
  • Integrating with Real Time Barcoding
  • ZIP code to truck route mapping
  • Truck routing
  • Employee tracking
  • WO process tracking
  • EZ Route integration

Improving Your Business with Checkmate Reports and Recycler Executive Roundtables - Tim Schneider
Participants will learn:
  • Buying Reports
  • Vehicle profitability
  • Inventory valuation
  • Analyzing your business with Management Reports
  • Comparing your metrics with other recyclers in the Recycler Executive Roundtables
  • What happens at a Roundtable meeting

Only being offered once during the conference!  The Checkmate Conversion Process - Dennis Young
Participants will learn:
  • Who and what can be converted
  • What is not converted
  • Tailoring the conversion to fit your process
  • Preparing for the conversion (pre-training)
  • What to expect on day one when we go live
  • Ongoing support after you go live

Fast Parts Track

Only being offered once during the conference!  Fast Parts: Providing the Right Tools at the Right Time - Alan Chaney, Bob Clark
Participants will learn:
  • Fast Parts innovations over 4 decades in the recycling industry
  • Inventory like a pro with a single click of the mouse using Partmate
  • Trading Partners and CrashLink - more selling opportunities with no additional work required
  • Pricing parts the easy way with Trading Partners
  • Checkmate and beyond - learn how we can take you to the next level of business intelligence by using Advanced Management Reports from Checkmate
  • Bidmate is the easy way to buy salvage because it analyzes your requests and selling trends, and lets you know how much a salvage vehicle is worth to you
  • Images of your parts and vehicles on will make you stand out

Bidmate/Partmate/CrashLink Track

Bidmate - Ben Stone
Participants will learn:
  • Importing recycler and auction data (automatic and manual methods, and refresh)
  • Understanding the standard and enhanced Vehicle screen
  • The vehicle evaluation process (Requests, Quantity on Hand, etc.) and determining which vehicles to evaluate first
  • Using Bidmate Projected Sales
  • Printing Bidmate reports
  • Winning a vehicle and send it to Partmate

Only being offered once during the conference!  Partmate - Ben Stone
Participants will learn:
  • Inventorying vehicles in Partmate
  • Simplifying part descriptions with the Options tab (and why it's better than 20 words)
  • Inventorying parts with SmartVin, Smart Interchange, images, and ARA damage codes
  • Quickly inventorying parts with Fast Add
  • Flagging parts for review
  • Printing the Dismantling Report and Unresolved Parts Reports
  • Creating custom parts lists for different vehicle types

Advanced Bidmate - Roger Schroder
Participants will learn:
  • Bidmate Recycler Options
  • requests in Bidmate
  • Core prices integrated when buying vehicles
  • The future value of Car-Part Interchange Plus
  • How dismantling times affect the value of a vehicle

New this year!  Bidmate, Partmate, and Partmate Review: New Features - Jeff Wissman
Participants will learn:
  • Car-Part Salvage data in Bidmate
  • Re-importing an auction added with the Clipboard method
  • Partmate Imaging
  • Fast Add function
  • Car-Part Interchange Plus
  • Building and inventorying assemblies in Partmate Review
  • Advanced Core Pricing

OEM Pricing and Interchange with CrashLink - Ben Stone
Participants will learn:
  • CrashLink Introduction
  • CrashLink integration with your inventory management system (Checkmate, Fast Parts, PL II, Hollander, Pinnacle)
  • Pricing and OEM Interchange tools
  • Assemblies
  • Searching for miscellaneous parts
  • Emailing and printing MOTOR images

Executive/Management/Business Management Track

New this year! - Lynette Lems
Participants will learn:
  • Overview of
  • How to become a Car-Part Salvage buyer
  • Administrative screens
  • General navigation
  • How to buy
  • Integration with Bidmate

Only being offered once during the conference!  PC Maintenance and Checkmate Server Tips - Gegetta Ferris, Scott Hanna, Jim Bussing
Participants will learn:
  • Tips for maintaining your Checkmate server
  • Cleaning your computer's hardware
  • Software maintenance, including program updates and virus/spyware scans
  • Windows maintenance, including Windows updates, defragmenting, and clearing unnecessary files
  • Cloud backups and standard backups

New this year!  The Future is Now: Aluminum Vehicles - Tom Delk
Participants will learn:
  • Aluminum in the automobile industry is not just for the exotic vehicles
  • What is coming in the near future, and why?
  • The impact on the recycling and collision industries
  • Radical changes ahead for mainstream vehicles
  • Equipment investment

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  HR Roundtable Discussion: Employee Life Cycle in a Small Business - Derek Jackson, Sue Cropenbaker, Joe Gagliardo, Fred Eck
Participants will learn:
  • The importance of hiring and recruiting the right people
  • What onboarding is and why it matters to your employees
  • How to maximize your employees' contributions with performance management and compensation
  • What to do when things don't work out, and the role the manager plays in dealing with issues

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Occupational Fraud: Detection & Prevention - Matthew Gutzwiller, Clark Shaefer Hackett
Participants will learn:
  • Defining occupational fraud and understanding key metrics
  • Case studies involving occupational fraud in small and mid-sized businesses
  • Best practices for fraud prevention and detection

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Counter Sales Training - Tim Schneider
Participants will learn:
  • Proper technique for handling a customer on the phone and upselling
  • Answering a call and getting the proper information from the customer
  • Qualifying your customer using Checkmate
  • Understanding why the customer called and how can you solve their problem
  • Selling add-on services
  • Closing the sale
  • Follow up

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Leadership in Balance: New Habits of the Mind - Dr. Linda Gravett
Participants will learn:
  • The 8 ways of leadership thinking that support a company's success and resiliency
  • The leadership behaviors that are aligned with the 8 ways of thinking
  • Concrete tools that help leaders ensure their company's success
  • Methods to sustain and build on lessons learned

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Inventory Accuracy: Why it Matters (Because it's Your Money!) - JC Cahill
Participants will learn:
  • Why you might be your own worst enemy
  • Good input gets great output
  • Understanding the value of ARA part codes
  • Understanding the value of pricing

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Aftermarket Panel Discussion: Certified vs Non-Certified Parts - Jim Smith
Top aftermarket crash parts manufacturers and NSF members will discuss the quality differences between OEM like, kind, and quality aftermarket crash parts versus comparable less costly value parts.
  • Jackson Kwok, TYC Lighting/Genera Corp
  • Geoff Crane, Diamond Standard
  • Nick Scheid, Cornerstone Auto Parts
  • Jim Miras, MicroRim
  • Greta Houlahan, NSF International

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Aftermarket Industry Panel: Selling Into the Insurance-Driven Market - Jim Smith
Participants will learn:
  • Why selling aftermarket crash parts in the insurance driven market is different from any other part type (OEM, Recycled or Refurbished)!
  • Different pricing structure, product quality levels, delivery expectations, R&I requests, and overseas purchasing are a few of the topics that will be examined in this panel discussion.
  • Mike Dolabi, National Autobody
  • Bob Petty, Collins Collision Parts
  • Ed Salamy, ABPA
  • Mike Koren, Continental
  • Greta Houlahan, NSF International

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Collision Industry Panel: Being a Preferred Provider to the Collision Industry - Mike O'Leary
  • Bud Jumper, Infinity Insurance
  • Patrick Burnett, Nationwide Insurance
  • Tim Adelmann, ABRA Auto Body & Glass
  • Todd Diehl, Westfield Insurance

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