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2015 Car-Part Industry Conference: Class Descriptions
August 6–8, 2015

"Building a Sustainable Future"

While reviewing the class descriptions, you may notice that some class names are color coded. These colors correspond to several different "tracks" we think you might like to follow during the conference. We have created these tracks with specific business roles in mind. These tracks are only suggestions; all classes are open to all conference participants.

Purple Indicates classes about our web products including Car-Part Pro™, Trading Partners™, and Car-Part Messaging™
Blue Indicates classes related to the Checkmate® inventory management system
Green Indicates classes about our auction, inventory, and pricing tools: Bidmate™, Partmate™, and CrashLink™
Red Indicates classes related to the Fast Parts® inventory management system
Black Indicates classes designed for an executive or manager

New this year! Indicates classes that are new this year
Only being offered once during the conference! Indicates classes only being offered once during the conference
Registeration Required  The clipboard indicates classes that require registration.

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Car-Part Web Product Classes:

Car-Part Interchange & Car-Part Interchange Plus - Cliff Johnson, Joanna Cohen
Participants will learn:
  • The evolution of Car-Part Interchange
  • Exclusive Interchange from Car-Part
  • Products that use Car-Part Interchange Plus
  • The difference between Car-Part Interchange Plus and traditional Interchange
  • How Car-Part Interchange Plus can make your business more money!

New this year!  Core Pricing Panel Discussion: Why Cores Matter to Your Business - Moderated by Theresa Colbert
Participants will address these questions:
  • Do you REALLY know what your cores are worth?
  • What's the true value of the vehicles you are buying?
  • Do you have trouble buying cars?
  • Is the guy down the street always outbidding you?
  • Gina Swann, Phoenix Automotive Cores
  • Jeff Farris, Phoenix Automotive Cores
  • Becky Berube, United Catalyst Corporation
  • Michael Tate, Mississippi Truck Dismantlers
  • Erik Peterson, Spartan AutoWorx

Car-Part eCommerce - Molly Farler
Participants will learn:
  • How to make your parts more attractive using part grading, accurate descriptions, warranties, and delivery times
  • How Real Time Part Verification (RTP) helps you sell more parts
  • How your Car-Part Pro configuration determines the way your parts appear to customers
  • Categorizing your aftermarket parts correctly with the Questionnaire
  • Order processing tips
  • How Seller Order Manager (SOM) manages Car-Part Pro orders effectively
  • The importance of Car-Part Messaging (iCPM) in online sales: receiving orders, Real Time Part Verification (RTP), and helping customers
  • How to sell more parts with images

Car-Part Gold - Molly Farler
This session will cover:
  • Getting the most out of your Car-Part Gold tools
  • Basic upload service customization with the Questionnaire
  • Using Trading Partners to locate aftermarket parts
  • Communicating instantly with buyers, recyclers, and alternate part suppliers using Car-Part Messaging (iCPM)
  • Brokering parts to increase customer satisfaction and your profits
  • Using your Car-Part Search Statistics/Hot Sellers Reports to grow your business
  • Selling your parts and services to the collision repair industry in the Car-Part Pro marketplace, by offering local delivery times, Real Time Part Verification (RTP), and eCommerce
  • Enhancing your website with multi-part search, search by images, wheel images, and Spanish search
  • Selling more cores and getting the best prices with Coremate and Core Pricing
  • Using the Core Pricing app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device

Increasing Your Sales Through the Power of Brokering - Theresa Colbert, Lori Handke
This session will cover:
  • The quick and easy setup
  • Brokering increases your company's exposure
  • Brokering what you want from who you want
  • Brokering parts within your business using Trading Partners and Car-Part Interchange Plus
  • Brokering online with Car-Part Pro

Checkmate Classes:

New this year! Registeration Required  Checkmate Sales Pro Boot Camp - JC Chastain, Jeff Budd
This session features:
  • Guided hands-on exercises: look up, sell, quote, credit, and return parts with Checkmate Sales Pro
  • Small classroom environment
  • Experienced coaches who will assist you every step of the way (including JC Chastain, Checkmate Development Manager)
  • Space is limited. Pre-register to save your spot.

New this year!  eBay 2.0 - Joe Heiman
Participants will learn:
  • The power of photos in your eBay listings
  • How to identify which of your parts will sell on eBay
  • How to stand out from the crowd with a professional template

New this year!  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Getting Your Images Ready for - Joe Heiman
Participants will learn:
  • Why images are so important when selling online
  • How to link your images to the correct part
  • Vehicle images vs part images: which one to use?
  • How to keep certain images private

New this year!  Checkmate Easter Eggs - Dan Ruud, Jeff Mastervich
This session will cover powerful but lesser-known Checkmate features:
  • Per-Part Shipping
  • Text Inserts
  • Pallets
  • Combined Warranty
  • Departments
  • Inventorying for a Purchase Order

Order Trakker and Real Time Barcoding - Eric Robbins, Jordan Palmer
This session will cover:
  • Setting up your workflow
  • Auto-dispatching
  • EZ Route integration
  • Integrating with Real Time Barcoding
Keep track of:
  • Pick slips
  • Shipping/return tags
  • ZIP code to truck route mapping
  • Truck routing
  • Employees
  • Word Order process

New this year!  Data Mining with Excel - Brian Chambers, Mendi Evans
Participants will learn:
  • How to summarize data using Microsoft Excel
  • Which Checkmate Tables to use
  • How to use Pivot Tables and Charts to create informative reports
  • How to automatically refresh data

Integrating Checkmate with QuickBooks - Leeann Gonsoulin, Sandra Toews
Participants will learn:
  • How Checkmate and QuickBooks work together to simplify your accounting
  • What you need to do to prepare for conversion to QuickBooks
  • Understanding which data transfers over to QuickBooks
  • How the integration changes your accounting process
    • Looking up accounts
    • Accepting payments
    • Statements
    • Reports
    • End of day and end of month procedures
  • The importance of backing up data
  • Troubleshooting tips

How to Not Lose Parts: Inventory Management Tools and Process - Jeff Budd
This session will cover:
  • Optimizing your inventory workflow
  • Using Gadgets, vehicle categories, and locations to manage vehicles and inventory
  • Prioritizing and scheduling vehicle inventorying and dismantling
  • Using Real Time Barcoding to improve part accuracy and quality control
  • Customizing Location-to-Category mappings, Find and Sell suppressions (Vehicle Category and Review), and part grading

Checkmate Conversion Process - Dennis Young
This session will cover:
  • Converting to Checkmate
  • Who and what can be converted
  • What is not converted
  • Tailoring the conversion to fit your process
  • Preparing for the conversion (pre-training)
  • What to expect on day one, when we go live
  • Ongoing support after the conversion

EZ Route - Jim McKinney (EZ Route)
Participants will learn how to:
  • Prepare your system for EZ Route
  • Manage your local deliveries
  • Optimize your delivery truck routes
  • Receive notifications of your drivers' progress
  • Provide your customers with the status of their parts
  • Review costs and Management Reporting

Reports to Run Your Business and Making Good Buying Decisions - Tim Schneider
Participants will learn:
  • How much it really costs to run your business operations
  • How to make buying decisions based on these costs
  • Which reports your business should be using
  • Recycler Executive Roundtables: what they do and how they can help your business

Fast Parts Track

Only being offered once during the conference!  Fast Parts: Providing the Right Tools at the Right Time - boB Clark, Alan Chaney
This session will cover:
  • Fast Parts innovations over 4 decades in the recycling industry
  • Inventorying like a pro with Partmate
  • Trading Partners and CrashLink - more selling opportunities, and no additional work required
  • Pricing parts the easy way with Trading Partners
  • Checkmate and beyond - learn how we can take you to the next level of business intelligence by using Advanced Management Reports from Checkmate
  • Easy salvage buying with Bidmate, which analyzes your requests and selling trends, and lets you know how much a salvage vehicle is worth to you
  • Images of your parts and vehicles on will make you stand out

Bidmate/Partmate/CrashLink Track

Bidmate - Greg Croka
This session will cover:
  • Importing recycler and auction data (automatic and manual methods, plus refresh)
  • Understanding the standard and enhanced Vehicle screens
  • The vehicle evaluation process (Requests, Quantity on Hand, etc.), and determining which vehicles to evaluate first
  • Using Bidmate Projected Sales
  • Printing Bidmate reports
  • Winning a vehicle and sending it to Partmate

Optimizing Bidmate - Ben Stone, Jeff Wissman
This session will cover:
  • Strategies for setting your Recycler Options
  • Utilizing part request history to your advantage
  • Determining the true value of the vehicle parts
  • Accurately defining costs
  • How core prices are integrated when buying vehicles

New this year!  Bidmate/Partmate/Partmate Review New Features - Jeff Wissman
This session will cover:
  • How Car-Part Interchange Plus is integrated in Bidmate and Partmate
  • Updating (re-importing) an auction that was added with the Clipboard method
  • Comparing part lists with the new Parts Lists Compare and Maintenance Utility
  • Maintaining auction fees to ensuring they are current
  • The What's New feature alerts you to updates

Partmate - Greg Croka
Participants will learn how to:
  • Inventory vehicles in Partmate
  • Simplify part descriptions with the Options tab (and why it's better than 20 words)
  • Inventory parts with SmartVin, Smart Interchange, images, and ARA damage codes
  • Quickly inventory parts with Fast Add
  • Import vehicles that have been categorized as NI (Not Inventoried) in Checkmate, with the NI in CM feature
  • Flag parts for review
  • Print the Dismantling Report and Unresolved Parts Reports
  • Create custom parts lists for different vehicle types

New this year! Registeration Required  Partmate in Practice: Hands-On Vehicle Inventorying - Jeff Wissman
This outside session features:
  • Practice inventorying a vehicle with Partmate
  • Coaches who work with very small groups, guiding you through the inventory process (including Jeff Wissman, Partmate Project Manager)
  • Working with a tablet – Partmate is designed to be portable!
  • Taking photos, assigning interchange, and setting damage
  • Space is limited. Pre-register to save your spot.

Introduction to CrashLink - Sonny Gonzales, Ben Stone
This session will cover:
  • What is CrashLink, and what can it do for you?
  • OEM-based interchange and pricing information directly from your management system (Checkmate, Fast Parts, Powerlink 2, Hollander, or Pinnacle)
  • Pricing and OEM Interchange tools
  • Using CrashLink to price assemblies
  • Searching for miscellaneous parts
  • Emailing and printing MOTOR images
  • How CrashLink takes advantage of Car-Part Interchange Plus

Executive/Management/Business Management Track

New this year!  The Future is Exotic: New Vehicle Construction Materials - Tom Delk, Hubler Collision Center
This session will discuss:
  • It's not "just" aluminum anymore.
  • Why is this happening?
  • How do we prepare for the changes?
  • Major impacts on repairability in the collision industry
  • How will this affect the recycling industry?

Counter Sales: Capitalizing on Opportunities - Tim Schneider
This session will cover:
  • Proper technique for handling a customer on the phone and upselling
  • Answering a call and getting the proper information from the customer
  • Qualifying your customer using Checkmate
  • Understanding why the customer called, and how can you solve their problem
  • Selling add-on services
  • Closing the sale
  • Following up after the sale

PC Maintenance and Checkmate Server Tips - Gegetta Farris, Scott Hanna, Jim Bussing
This session will cover:
  • Tips for maintaining your Checkmate server
  • Cleaning your computer's hardware
  • Software maintenance, including program updates and virus/spyware scans
  • Windows maintenance, including Windows updates, defragmenting, and clearing unnecessary files
  • Cloud backups and standard backups - Lynette Lems
This session will cover:
  • Overview of, our online salvage buying tool
  • Becoming a Car-Part Salvage buyer
  • How to use the web interface to find and purchase salvage vehicles
  • How Car-Part Salvage integrates with Bidmate to estimate a vehicle's worth
  • Becoming a Car-Part Salvage Seller

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Building and Sustaining a Values Based Workplace - Dr. Linda Gravett (Gravett and Associates)
This session will:
  • Provide tools to build and sustain a values-driven workplace
  • Discuss barriers to communication and ways to minimize them
  • Share best practices for establishing, sustaining and leveraging core values that support strategic objectives

New this year! Registeration Required  Personalized Assistance Your Human Resources Needs - Sue Cropenbaker, Joe Gagliardo
  • Our experienced HR team takes appointments for personalized, confidential consultation
  • Discuss any HR related need such as recruiting, hiring/firing, policy, performance, handling employee issues, and difficult conversations
  • Consultations are 25 minutes each (half the length of a session)
  • Space is limited. Pre-register to save your spot.

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Certifications: Facts, Myths and Benefits to the Collison Repair Industry - Bob Frayer (NSF International)
Participants will learn:
  • How independent third party certification relates to manufacturers, parts, distributors, and repair shops
  • The process of certifying and being certified
  • Facts and Myths surrounding certification
  • Benefits of certification for the distributors, repairers, and consumers
  • Opportunities for differentiation and how to compete with the OEM dealers

Only being offered once during the conference!  QuickBooks Basics - Sarah Barry (KHBOffice LTD)
This session will cover:
  • Understanding debits and credits
  • Differences between balance sheet items, revenue items, and expense items
  • Reconciling QuickBooks accounts
  • Recording journal entries
  • Understanding how to manage petty cash and un-deposited funds

New this year!  Power-DB - Philippe Clermont (CEO, SolexD Inc.)
This session will cover:
  • The power of real-time awareness!
  • Power-DB helps you visualize and keep control over your business data in real time

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  ARA Update - Mike Swift (ARA First Vice President)
This session will cover:
  • ARA's aggressive promotion for the need for access to OEM part and recall data
  • ARA's class action lawsuit in February
  • Recent ARA Committee Activity
  • ARA University
  • The future of the Automotive Recyclers Association

New this year!  Maximizing Your Website and Social Media Effectiveness - Heidi Manahan, Katherine Leonard
This session will cover:
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and your role in it
  • Leveraging your social media presence (Facebook, Google+)
  • How to maximize the visual appeal and effectiveness of your website
  • Using logos and identity systems to improve your advertising and marketing

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Keynote: The 7 Line Profit and Loss Statement - Mike Kunkel (Profit Team Consulting)
Participants will learn:
  • How to simplify your P&L into 7 lines
  • How these 7 lines are the framework that your business needs to plan and budget
  • What ranges your percentages should be in so that your business is profitable
  • How to really understand your P&L statement and not just look at the final page

New this year!  Sales Management Basics - Mike Kunkel (Profit Team Consulting)
Participants will learn:
  • Proven reporting and communication tips that have been successfully used with a high-volume sales force
  • How these tips can increase your sales regardless of the number of salespeople you have

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Quality Driven Images - Roger Cada (Vehicle Estimatics)
Participants will learn:
  • Methods for taking quality descriptive images
  • Accountability and image review techniques
  • How to review inertia paths from accidents and consider where secondary damage may exist
  • How the quality of your part images gives your buyer confidence
  • How good images increase productivity, performance, and sales

Panel Discussions

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Collision Industry Panel Discussion: Becoming a Preferred Supplier - Moderated by Mike O'Leary
Participants will address these questions:
  • What are the expectations of the Collision and Insurance industries?
  • How can I more effectively market myself to these industries?
  • What happens when I don't have a price listed?
  • What if my parts are not graded?
  • Tom Delk, Hubler Collision Center
  • Gene Kozash, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive
  • Grady Nance, Property Damage Appraisers, Inc.
  • Pete Tagliapietra, NuGen IT Inc.

New this year! Only being offered once during the conference!  Aftermarket Industry Panel Discussion: Update on the Aftermarket Crash Parts Industry - Moderated by Jim Smith (JSC Group LLC)
Participants will learn:
  • Key issues that are affecting the aftermarket crash parts industry today
  • Current trends in certification of parts and distributors
  • Patent part changes, and how they will impact the industry
  • Trends in certified versus non-certified part sales
  • Bob Frayer, NSF International
  • Mike Dolabi, National Autobody Parts Warehouse
  • Nick Scheid, LJS & Associate
  • Ed Salamy, Automotive Body Parts Association

New this year!  Core Pricing Panel Discussion: Why Cores Matter to Your Business - Moderated by Theresa Colbert
Participants will address these questions:
  • Do you REALLY know what your cores are worth?
  • What's the true value of the vehicles you are buying?
  • Do you have trouble buying cars?
  • Is the guy down the street always outbidding you?
  • Gina Swann, Phoenix Automotive Cores
  • Jeff Farris, Phoenix Automotive Cores
  • Becky Berube, United Catalyst Corporation
  • Michael Tate, Mississippi Truck Dismantlers
  • Erik Peterson, Spartan AutoWorx

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