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Car-Part Interchange Plus

Car-Part Interchange Plus™ is an interchange enhancement option that provides new and enhanced interchange for over 100 parts including engine pats, interior parts, and body parts.

There are 3 categories of Car-Part Interchange Plus coverage:

  • Full CPI+ - All interchange for this part is Car-Part Interchange Plus coverage.
  • Additional CPI+ - Hollander supplies interchange for this part for a certain year range; Car-Part Interchange Plus fills in outside of that year range.
  • Supplemental - Car-Part Interchange Plus coverage is added for specific manufacturers that Hollander no longer covers (currently, Mitsubishi newer than 2009, and Mazda newer than 2015). (Parts with Full CPI+ or Additional CPI+ coverage will also have coverage for these manufacturers. Parts that only have Supplemental coverage will only have Car-Part Interchange Plus coverage for these manufacturers, as Hollander still provides coverage for other manufacturers.)

Car-Part Interchange Plus is available to Checkmate® users in all appropriate Car-Part products. Car-Part Interchange Plus is available to Pinnacle™ and Powerlink™ users in a more limited fashion. Contact your salesperson to learn more.

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