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Issue 8
January 2007
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and are now ready to start out 2007 with new resolve to make your business run more efficiently and profitable. In the upcoming weeks you will be learning about some new enhancements to the Fast Parts system, which I am sure you will like.

For our users the New Year looks full of all sorts of new and more efficient ways to sell your parts. I donít know how much you know about Car-Partís newest feature, ďLive ChatĒ, but it is a way to speed up buying and selling over the Internet. If you have questions about the many ways you can buy and sell parts over the internet with give me a call. If you have not had time to call about this valuable service, now is a great time!

I will be traveling to about ten auto dismantler trade shows this year. I hope that if one of the shows is in your area, you will stop by and we can talk about the system and do a little ďone-on-oneĒ training. I will try to let everyone, who is in the area know when Iíll be close so you can make plans. The first show Iíll be at will be the 2007 Carolina Auto Recyclers Training Conference held at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC on February 9th & 10th. As always if you have questions, suggestions, or industry news you would like to talk over, give me a call.

Thank You,

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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