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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 11
May 2007
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

It is time for sunshine and long warm days. This is just the thing for getting the place ship shape. Most of you should have your new update within a few days and we hope you will install it as soon as you have the time.

This is the time of year when schools are letting out for summer break and people start thinking about vacations and such; business sometimes slows down a bit. I have just the ticket to boost those sagging sales; the “Car-Part Gold” package can make you pro-active in pursuing those sales. One great advantage with “Car-Part Gold” is when a fellow recycler is looking for a part you can see the request and bid on his request.

You know how some of your fellow recyclers get into a rut and order parts from the same recyclers over and over? With the “Car-Part Gold” package this can give you the opportunity to call about their part request and remind them about your great inventory and service. Don’t get caught in the summertime slow down. Do something about it! Give me a call here at Fast Parts and ask about the many benefits of the “Car-Part Gold” package.

While I have your attention let me remind you to check on the age of your Fast Parts computer. If you have had it for over five years it might be time to retire the old timer. We have made a special purchase of computers and will, for a limited time, be able to offer a 10% discount on the computer and 17” flat panel screen. Don’t put yourself through the fire drill of a downed computer. Order one today and save a little money in the process.

As always I have enjoyed your comments and suggestions. Keep them coming so we can build you the best system now and in the future. Also, to better serve you, I am transferring the toll free number to my cell phone after hours so you can give me a call when you have the time.

Thank You,

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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