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Issue 15
September 2007
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I hope your sales are good and you are enjoying the cooler weather that this time of year brings. I went to the Pennsylvania Auto Recyclers convention in Pittsburgh and was talking to several business owners who gave me their thoughts on what improvements they would like to see in the Fast Parts program. One idea that keeps coming up is to make the inventory process easier. We are developing a new feature that will eliminate many of the choices you have to wade through when choosing the correct interchange number for your parts. By entering the VIN number, the program will already know many details about the vehicle and automatically eliminate choices that are not needed. This new feature will be called PartMate and should be out by the end of the year. If you are interested in learning more about this new feature give me a call. I will be sending you more information about this new this in the near future.

If your sales are sagging give me a call, we can see if can help. Remember has three levels that you can use to put a spark in your sales. Each level has special features geared to boost your sales and get your parts in front of your target market. Donít be afraid to call and ask about these products. I will explain each unique program and I am sure one of them is suited to your business. At inventing new ways to sell your parts is what we are all about.

During my recent travels I was pleasantly surprised at finding computers, screens and printers that have been working well for over a decade. As long as they are working and you are happy with them all is good. If you would like something newer or maybe faster then let me know and we can talk about the many inexpensive choices you have in replacing outdated equipment. Some of you may even be interested in switching to the Fast Parts windows version. Call me and we can talk about how you use your system and if the windows version makes sense maybe a change is in order. As always I enjoy hearing from you and keep the calls coming.

Keep up the good work,

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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