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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 16
October 2007
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Just a few thoughts as we approach the winter season:
  • It is that time of year when you need to make a special effort to inventory all your vehicles. You donít want to get caught in the freezing winter weather searching for parts you may or may not have. If you need help with that inventory process you might consider a laptop and down load program. I would be happy to talk to you about the many options you have with portable inventory tools you can use with your Fast Parts system.

  • If you have your inventory on and your Fast Parts system was to go down we can setup a method for you to view your inventory with any computer over the internet. This process will be a huge benefit if it takes a day or more to repair your computer. Donít be without your inventory for even a day - sign up for

  • We still have a few of you that have not called to update to Car-Part trading partners or maybe you have the need for a better web site. Give me a call and we can talk about what needs that you may have to sell more parts through the services.

  • It is just about that time again for a new update to your system. We will be sending it out soon. Make sure you are current on your Interchange updates. You should be on Interchange version 72.03. If you have any questions about your update version please call our super technical support team at (800) 288-7414.

  • I would like to remind you about our referral program. If you find someone that needs a Fast Parts system, and they buy the system, you will get a free month of update fees as our way to thank you for the help. All you need to do is give me a call and I will do the rest. Now isnít that an easy way to save some money.
Thanks again for all your comments and purchases. If you have any questions about Fast Parts or you can reach me at our sales line (800) 288-7415.

Thank you,

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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