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Issue 26
November, 2008
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Business is moving at a fast pace today. One day gas is $4 per gallon, the next it goes down to $2. One day a crushed vehicle brings $500, the next day you are lucky to get $75. In the past it may have made economic sense for some recyclers to put more effort into processing scrap than selling used parts. To those recyclers, I say it is time to sell more parts, and to everyone else I say double your effort selling parts. The economy has changed and all the indicators point to better times for the used parts industry. is working harder than ever to build new tools so you can sell more parts in this changing market place. We have Partmate™ to inventory faster and give your customers more information about your parts. Fast Parts® has developed a new way to speed the interchange updates to you so you receive them much quicker than before. Trading Partners has put you one click away from having full access to selling the parts of aftermarket vendors. With Car-Part Messaging™, ordering the aftermarket parts is done in seconds not minutes. With your customized website you can show the parts belonging to both you and your Trading Partners, providing your customers with additional choices.

It is always exciting to see the new products develops, but these new programs would not exist without your input. I enjoy talking with you about your needs and how we might help make your business more efficient. When you have an idea or would like to talk about the many money-making products offers, give me a call. We care about our customers and remember: it is our business to make your business better.

Call me soon!

Thank You,

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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