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Issue 31
October 2009
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Alan and I just got back from the Automotive Recyclers Association yearly convention and trade show. As you can imagine the subject of NMVTIS and Cash for Clunkers was on everyone's minds. All the Fast Parts customers we met were glad to see that we have addressed these issues and have already taken the steps to help our users. If you need more information, I can send you an email that explains what we know now about NMVTIS. is busy setting up Car Part Messaging™ (CPM) at hundreds of locations so our users can buy and sell without even picking up the phone. The ease of using the CPM tool is incredible. Click on the part you have found on and your request is displayed on the recycler's screen, ready for him to sell it. If you need to ask questions about the part there is a place to type them with shipping and payment information. So many customers are enjoying this newer and faster way of buying used parts. If you have not started using this new selling tool please give me a call and I will explain why you need this new enhancement.

I have many of you using Partmate™ now to inventory your parts. Most everyone I talk to really like SmartVin™ and Smart Interchange™ which make the inventory process so much quicker and more accurate. The low price tag for this product (one-time setup charge of $250 and $25 monthly) makes this product too good to pass up.

I see that most of our users now have Trading Partners, and why not with all the advantages that this product gives us? The one-button access to Trading Partners from the Fast Parts program makes the lookups super fast, and you can view vendors like Brock Supply, The Connection, and Nu-Parts.

Here are some numbers we at are pretty proud of: there are over 8 million searches each month on our website and over 3,600 recyclers are uploading their parts to daily. With these numbers I know we can help you with your sales totals at the end of the month. Please give me a call if you have any questions about Fast Parts or I will look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!

boB Clark
(800) 288-7415

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