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Issue 42
March 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

This month, I am all about reminders!

First, let me remind you about the 3rd Annual Car-Part Training Conference, which will be held August 4-6, 2011. You know you need this refresher course on the "how to" and "why should I care" of our recycling industry, so sign up now so you get the early bird discount. Call me if you have questions about this important meeting.

The second reminder I have is about making your job of inventorying vehicles faster, more complete, and mistake free. How, you might ask? The answer, in a word, is Partmate! Our newest version of Partmate makes the chore of listing all your parts quick and easy. If you would like to see a quick demo of this time-saving product, give me a call and I will give you a tour over the Internet with GoToMeeting. Stop putting it off. The price for this powerful software tool is only a one-time setup fee of $250 and $25 per month. Believe me, you will be kicking yourself for not using Partmate sooner.

Here is reminder number three: Our newest improvement to the Fast Parts system is our low cost thermal printer, which is quickly becoming very popular. After months of work, our team of computer engineers were able to make our system work with a very reliable and inexpensive thermal printer. Up until now, a thermal printer would cost as much a $2000, and because we knew the ink on the OKI printers would fade off after a while, it was hard to justify that kind of expense. Now, Fast Parts users can have the part number and information burned into the tag so you can read it for years. We can sell the thermal printer for only $400 and a small one-time setup fee of $250. The special tag paper is $130 for three rolls. Now, all the Fast Parts users can have the best parts tag in the industry!

The last reminder I will give you is about a feature of Car-Part Messaging version 2 (iCPM) that allows you to look up your parts from within iCPM to see your parts and their locations. OK, I know you can do that with your Fast Parts system, but the great thing about iCPM is that directly under your listed parts, you will see over 4000 other recyclers' parts and what they are pricing them for. This gives you the knowledge of what the market will bear so you can get the best price for your parts. If you are not using this great tool, give me a call so we can install it on your computer. If you have iCPM and are not using it, let me know so we can get our trainers to show you how it works. We have the best support group in this industry so if there is anything you need help with please give them a call.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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