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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 43
April 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

With your Fast Parts system, you have several very powerful report programs that can keep you informed about which vehicles are making you the most profit. There are reports that tell you which parts you are losing sales on. There are even reports that let you know which vehicles may be the best choice to crush. When was the last time you looked at the report section of your Fast Parts system? If you have not reviewed your reports lately, or if you are not sure how to access this information, please give our support team a call and let us show you how these reports work. It could be the extra effort that starts you in the positive direction of your business's financial goals.

Nearly all of the Fast Parts users are using to find and sell parts as a part of their daily business. But did you know is trying to help the auto recycling industry gain a larger share of the parts sold to the auto insured parts replacement industry? To help with this goal, we will be releasing Car-Part Pro™ this year. The insurance companies have mandated that more recycled OEM parts be used in the repair of vehicles they insure. is developing a simple method to help insurance adjusters find the proper parts that can be delivered in the time frame that the body shops can depend on for their work flow. For this new process, you will need to make sure your damage codes are correct and that you are consistently delivering parts to body shops on time. If you have questions about the proper method of reporting damage on your parts, please give us a call. Our support team can show you how to assign damage to your parts so you will be a preferred company insurance adjustors will be using.

I will be at a couple of auto recycler industry shows over the next few weeks. The first show is the Upper Midwest Convention located in West Bend, WI on April 28th through April 30th. For information, visit

The next show I will be attending will be the IT Show. This year, the show will be in Holland, OH at LaPoint Auto. Please visit for more information. I would love to see you at these shows, but remember: if you can only go to one show, please attend the 3rd Annual Car-Part Training Conference which will be held August 4-6, 2011. For more information, visit

Thank you for all the calls and orders regarding Partmate (our portable inventory product), iCPM (our newest find-and-sell feature), and thermal tag printers (which are new to Fast Parts). If you have questions about these products or any of the Fast Parts products, please call me. It is a pleasure talking to you about Fast Parts, Car-Part, and Checkmate, and I want you to always feel that when you have questions I will find the answers for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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