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Issue 44
May 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

What should you expect from your inventory management system provider? Would it be an easy-to-use inventory system? A system with little down time? Great support when you need it? Fast Parts and believe in all of this and much more. In this time of a slow economy, Car-Part has put its time and effort into expanding markets where used parts were normally a small percentage of the market place.

The auto recycling industry has long struggled with selling parts to the insurance-driven, high-end collision repair industry. The auto recyclers have historically only had a very small market share in this multi-million dollar industry. is now working on ways to increase your ability to sell to this industry and beat out the new OEM parts that have dominated this area of sales. We are working on many fronts to accomplish this. One of the complaints that body shops have about buying used parts is the unpredictable delivery time of used parts from the recyclers. In the next few months, Car-Part will roll out its newest level of Car-Part service: Car-Part Pro™! This service will feature many options aimed at giving the collision repair shops delivery times they can depend on by an in-depth study of your business practices. Your Car-Part program will have a series of questions that will determine the delivery times of your parts. I think when you see this amazing and well thought out program you will agree this will increase your sales where you couldn't before without this new Car-Part program. If you want more information about this exciting new program, you can call me and I will explain the effort in more detail.

The best way to get all the details about this program and all the upcoming programs is to attend the 3rd Annual Car-Part Training Conference which will be held August 4-6, 2011. Our industry is changing and you need to find out what new ideas are being worked on to improve your method of doing business. Taking this small amount of time to tune up your long-range business plans just makes good sense. Call me if you need information, or click on the link above.

There is never enough room to write all the news Fast Parts, Checkmate, and are making. Let me remind you that if you have questions about Partmate, thermal tag printing, the Checkmate inventory management system, or any of the Car-Part services, please call me or email so we can talk about how our services might help you run a more profitable recycling business.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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