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Issue 45
June 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users! has been working hard to make tools that can help you generate more sales. Have you looked at your website lately? Are you letting your customers look up your parts in your inventory with your website? Are you partnering up with other recyclers and aftermarket vendors to show their parts as though they are in your inventory? Are you taking advantage of the Internet messaging tools like iCPM that can speed up your buying and selling? I could go on and on with questions about new technologies, but most of you know you could improve your business. So, what is holding you back? Give me a call and we can discuss your business and what might help you have better control of your inventory and a larger market to sell your parts.

Many of you are using Partmate™ now to inventory your parts. Most everyone I talk with really likes SmartVin™ and Smart Interchange™ which make the inventory process so much quicker and more accurate. The low price tag for this product (one-time setup charge of $250 and $25 monthly) makes this product too good to pass up.

Some of our users with Trading Partners™ from have been putting vendors in their Trading Partners search so when they look up a part, the aftermarket parts will show up also. If you do not subscribe to services, or you would like to upgrade to Trading Partners, we need to talk.

Don't forget about the 3rd Annual Car-Part Training Conference, which will be held August 4-6, 2011. You need this refresher course, so sign up now. Call me if you have questions about this important meeting.

Thanks to all of our users for making the Car-Part family of products (Fast Parts®, Checkmate®, and Car-Part web services) the best products in the industry for making you more money. If you have any questions or comments about Car-Part, Checkmate, or Fast Parts, please give me a call. I have some of you that like to contact me by email so I will give that to you also.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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