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Issue 46
July 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I have been hearing from many recyclers that it is becoming difficult to purchase vehicles, and if you don't have the vehicles you can't sell the parts. Well that is not exactly true. Having the vehicle with the parts your customers are in need of is always the best solution, but as it becomes more and more difficult to buy the vehicles, you may want to consider brokering parts from other recyclers and aftermarket venders. The big corporate recyclers are trading parts between each other and have a reputation for fulfilling all their customers' requests. Because of this, they are increasing their market share of our used parts industry. To battle this trend and bring more business to the small and medium-size recyclers we need to work together and build trading partnerships with each other. has many tools to help you perform speedy and reliable part searches with the recycler groups you wish to set up. You tell me who you wish to trade with and we can make them the first parts that show up on your Trading Partners search. To make it even easier for your customers to find parts from you, we can show your brokering partners' parts on your website. When a customer calls you and orders a part, you will see the part is at your partner's yard and be able to give your customer a time when his part will be ready. I will be happy to discuss all the options available to you.

New, New, New! Seems like I have a new product in every monthly newsletter. I have had many requests for this product over the years: CrashLink. For those of you who ask for the information that adjusters and body shops have when giving a quote to repair a vehicle, we can supply it now. CrashLink will break down all the parts in an assembly, giving you a pictured diagram so you can see the parts that make up the whole assembly. For example, for a console assembly you will see the cover, latches, hinges, and all the little parts that are included in the assembly. The parts will have up-to-date OEM prices so you can show your customers how much you are saving them. The best part is that you will have interchange on these small parts, allowing you to know at a glance if you have a vehicle with this part. Think about it: sun visors, consoles, relays, and all those other small parts that we did not sell before because it was too much trouble to locate them can now be found with this amazing program. You can gain thousands of dollars of parts sales with just a keystroke from your computer system. Call me and I will explain the many uses and cost of this new addition to the Fast Parts and Car-Part total solution for your recycling business.

There was a great article in the Car-Part Scoop last month, and I have included as link to it below. If you did not read this please go to this site and give it a read at This article gives the best explanation of the new Car-Part Pro initiative. This is well worth your time and explains the product that will bring you to the future of the recycling industry.

See you at the Car-Part Training Seminar!

Thank You!

boB Clark

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