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Issue 47
September 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

The Car-Part Industry Conference was held last month, and I have never seen so many Fast Parts users in one place ever. The grand event had over 400 attendees from all over the world come together to share with Car-Part the new strategies to be successful selling used parts in today's marketplace. I do know how hard it is to get away from your recycling operations, but the benefits of learning the new processes to succeed today was well worth the effort for all that attended the conference. Please try to plan attending next year. likes to roll out the newest products at the yearly conference, and this year there was a multitude of products. The most exciting new product was Car-Part Pro™, which will help you sell more used parts to the professional repair industry. Car-Part Pro is a tool that helps body shops, mechanics, and insurance adjusters search for used parts as easily as they can order OEM parts. By joining this effort, you can share in the giant increase in selling our parts to this industry. Don't wait, let me help you get configured for Car-Part Pro so your business will show up on the new Car-Part Pro searches when they go live in the next few months.

Getting configured for Car-Part Pro will be the first step in our effort to take the web site to e-commerce. In the not too distance future, customers will be able to purchase parts on 24/7 with little or no effort on your part. All the pieces are coming together to furnish you with an online checkout on the site. Make sure when someone calls or comes by from to give them the time to setup the Car-Part Pro program. The effort will be well worth it! Please call me with any questions you have on this.

CrashLink is in full swing and is already creating a loud buzz in the recycling industry. If you have ever used a crash book to look up parts that have no interchange, you know how great it is to get the picture break-down of the parts you need. CrashLink is a tool that helps you locate the part, learn about new OEM prices, and get interchange information about hundreds of parts for which we had no information before. This tool is designed to work with your Fast Parts system, so with only one lookup you can get information on consoles, window visors, and many parts that took up too much time to sell in the past. Now, it is much easier to sell more parts off the same vehicles you have already invested in. With the price of vehicles going up every day, you need to sell every part you can and with CrashLink we have made it easy.

I have had some of the Fast Parts users ask about Checkmate, our very powerful inventory system that can upgrade your inventory experience and give you the newest programs that are available in the recycling industry. Most of our Fast Parts users are very happy with our easy-to-use inventory system but if you would like to see our Checkmate system and find out first hand what the differences are, I would be glad to help you with exploring the possibilities.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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