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Tools for 

Issue 49
November 2011
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

The excitement of Car-Part Pro™ is still the biggest news here at Fast Parts® and If you have not been introduced to Car-Part Pro yet, please give me a call because this is the biggest thing since put the first recyclers' parts on the internet. This new product will help you organize your business to sell to the professional crash industry and make your business ready for the e-commerce business that is the next step for increasing your profit. This new product, Car-Part Pro, will take a little personalized configuring but the effort is very little compared to the long-term increase in profit that you will realize. One unexpected benefit of configuring for Car-Part Pro is that it will make you consider parts of your business that you may have been neglecting or never considered at all. The whole process is designed to make you ready for a profitable future.

I hope all of you that use loose part tags have purchased the new thermal tag printer designed to be compatible with the Fast Parts program. We have had great reviews from our users about the long-lasting printing and dependability of these printers. It took us a while to find an affordable thermal printer that is dependable, but I think it was worth the wait.

I am sure all of you looking to speed up you inventory process have considered Partmate, our great portable inventory tool with our exclusive SmartVin technology. Consider this: for a low, one-time setup fee of $250 and a small monthly fee of $25, you can get the most advanced inventory software program in our industry. All you need to do is ask Santa for a touch screen netbook or a Tough Book and you can have a much easier year of inventorying your vehicles. Online Partmate training from the "master of inventory," Alan Chaney, is at no charge. Call me if you are interested and I will help with your questions.

If you're looking for that competitive advantage to sell more parts, don't forget our newest product: CrashLink™. We are always looking to find more ways to make you more money, and this direct link from Fast Parts to the crash book information will give you information that will help you sell parts that were not big sellers in the past. CrashLink offers you picture diagrams, up-to-date dealer prices, and interchange information on thousands of parts not included in the Hollander interchange.

Information on all these Fast Parts products is just a phone call away. Thanks for all your calls. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome. Remember if you would like your computer system to perform a function you can't get it to do, call me and I most likely have an answer for your desired effect.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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