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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 51
January 2012
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

December was the month of thinking about what you should have done. In January, you get a new slate to begin with. You know the new Fast Parts products that help you succeed in the recycling industry. Partmate™ helps you inventory parts more quickly and accurately. web products like Basic Service, Trading Partners™, and Car-Part Gold™ allow you to buy and sell your parts in a marketplace that fields millions of online requests. CrashLink™ helps you find interchange information for thousands of parts that Hollander® does not list, and get current prices too. Even better, we now we have the OEM numbers available in CrashLink! And here is something new – CrashLink will give you 30 days to try out the product so you will see how great of a selling tool it is. Call me and I will go over all the great tools we have to help your auto recycling business.

In this newsletter I want to talk about the biggest and most powerful web product: Car-Part Pro™. This new product is a "game changer." Before Car-Part Pro, selling to the professional crash industry was difficult because of all the returns we had to deal with. has now developed a whole new way for the insurance companies, adjusters and body shops to do business with the auto recycling industry. The new program starts by giving your customers information about part condition, delivery time and warranty information known upfront so the all-important cycle time can be met by the professional body shop or mechanic. This will cut way down on returns and allow the crash industry to confidently order more used parts.

Car-Part Pro is one more of the many valuable tools in the Car-Part Gold package and will cost no additional fees* if you get your yard configured now. Don't miss your opportunity to have your parts seen by this ever-increasing part of our customer base. Car-Part will be rolling this product out over the next few months and I need you to call me so I can reserve the time for an expert Car-Part Pro technician to go over your personalized information and sign you up for this new service. Don't wait for me to call you this time. Call me so we can get started with the process.

Every time I call and you give me some of your valuable time to talk about what Fast Parts and Car-Part products you have, there is always that part of the conversation where you say, "I didn't know I could do that." Sometimes you say, "How can I get my system to do...?" In every case, I can guide you through the needed commands or have our techs give you some training to help you with your needs. Sometime I can show you how our Checkmate® system might be something you might consider. Just about every time, I have the answer to whatever it is that you are looking for right here in the Car-Part family of products.

Speaking of learning new things, you must come to our 2012 Car-Part Industry Conference. Save the date this year: August 9-11. Call me for information.

Thank You!

boB Clark

*Car-Part Pro Basic Service is free for Car-Part Gold subscribers.

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