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Issue 52
February 2012
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

How lucky we are this year. This is the year we get an extra day: leap year! How are you going to spend your extra day? If you don't think about it, the extra day will just get mucked into the other days and you will not get the benefits. May I suggest making it a day of discovery? You can use it to research new technologies to run your business more efficiently and improve your bottom line. That's where I can help you, with the new programs that are offered from Fast Parts and

When a potential customer looks online for a used part, what does your business look like? Car-Part can help you with a professional website that will let your customers search for parts that you have in inventory and parts you are brokering for other quality recyclers and after market vendors. If you don't understand how brokering works, your extra Leap Year day could come in handy by calling me so I can go over the brokering method.

If you have vehicles waiting to be inventoried and that clipboard full of paper to be checked off, this extra day could be the day to call about the Partmate™ program with SmartVin&trade. Partmate speeds up and improves the accuracy of your inventory process with a touch screen net book and the automatic download to the Fast Parts program. Most recyclers who use Partmate tell me that using Partmate takes half the time of using the paper method. Priced at $250 for a one-time installation and training cost plus only $25 per month fee, it is one of the best values available.

If you have not been configured with our most exciting new product since started selling your used parts on the internet, well... why not? Car Part Pro™ was rolled out in select areas this month and will go live everywhere soon. If you are not already configured for Car Part Pro, call me today. At no additional charge (if you are paying for the Car-Part Gold™ package), you will reach thousands of professional body shops and repair shops that are using this new search tool to locate parts.

If you are reading this and wondering how you are going to keep up with all these new products, I have an answer for you. Come to the Car-Part Industry Conference this year, August 9-11, to learn about the newest products and brush up on the products you already have. I will be there along with all the Fast Parts and Car-Part technicians to personally walk you through the learning process. I think you will agree that is the best way to use that special, extra leap year day.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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