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Issue 54
April 2012
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I receive many calls last month about our Checkmate® inventory management system. Many Fast Parts® users wanted to know more about the differences between the Fast Parts system and the Checkmate system. As I explained the features, some of our recyclers saw an immediate need to upgrade, while others were happy with the Fast Parts program they have now. It really depends on how you run your business and who your target customers are.

One of the really nice features that Checkmate has is the ability to automatically add the cost of extended warranties to invoices. This process is being used more often and customers are beginning to request the longer warranties on major parts. At trade shows I attend, most recyclers I speak with talk about all the money they have made with extended warranties. This feature, along with an easy-to-use PO system to track purchases from other recyclers and aftermarket vendors, is one of the most impressive benefits that the Checkmate upgrade will add to your business.

Fast Parts is happy to announce a solution to an old issue we had! Our developers will soon be sending out the fix to expand the Model file so you can add more models to your file. This will be helpful since the manufactures are adding so many models every year. The fix is in Beta testing now and will soon be released to all Fast Parts users.

You may have received a call from our department reviewing the information that is shown on your website. This information is shown to your customers in the search results, and is very important. When you change your mailing address or get a different phone number, it is important to let us know so we can keep your information current. With our powerful tools like Car Part Messaging™ (iCPM), we also need to know your current employee names. iCPM is like the old voice lines but without the voice, so you need to have the correct names to build relationships with your buying partners. If you tried iCPM before it was going strong, you might want to try it now. Many of our recyclers are using it more than the phone to make orders. So don't miss out on those sales!

I sure hope you are making plans to attend our Car Part Industry Conference on August 9-11. I would love to see you, and you will benefit so much from the training.

Call me with questions about Partmate™, CrashLink™, thermal tag printers, and Web Services.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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