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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 55
July 2012
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Hope you are having a great summer and your sales are growing. If not, you may need to know more about some of the new products we have at and Fast Parts®. Our newest service, Car-Part Pro™, is up and running and gaining sales every day. It is a huge effort to increase the amount of recycled parts used in repairs for insurance companies. Car-Part Pro displays all the information about a recycler's parts up-front. This allows professional mechanics and body shops to filter their searches so their search results will list only the parts that fit their time frame, warranty specification, and part condition specifications. It sounds complicated, but Car-Part Pro has made the process easy for the recycler (you!) and the professional repair industry by eliminating confusion (and returned parts). This market is very large and growing, so make sure you are a part of this new program. Call me about Car-Part Pro today.

As you know, we have two inventory management systems here at Car-Part. We have the easy-to-use Fast Parts system that hundreds of recyclers like you have chosen, and we also have the Checkmate® system that has many, many options to address some of the more complicated issues that face your businesses. Checkmate continues to add features at a rapid pace to cater to the recyclers that want the newest technologies. Fast Parts is likened to the vise-grip tool that fits about everything and will get the job done, while Checkmate is the socket set that has all the options that fit perfectly for the job at hand. Both Fast Parts and Checkmate are well made tools and have their place in your toolbox, but only you know which one you should be using. If you give me a call, we can talk more about these great products.

I had a request from Carla, our Fast Parts support manager, to include this timely reminder about backups:

In event of a system failure a backup can be used to restore inventory, customer data, and sales history to a new or repaired server. Backups should be performed at the end of the business day or prior to the start of a new one. If you are too busy to perform a daily CD backup, you should at least do one per week (but be prepared to lose any changes since your last backup if a restore is needed). All workstations must be logged off properly before running a backup. Be sure to write the date of your backup on the label side of the disc with a permanent marker. You will also want to handle your backups with care and be sure to store them in safe secure location. Backup discs can be purchased at any major retailer such as Walmart or Best Buy (Memorex is a reliable brand). Discs rated at 12X are best. It is also a good idea to occasionally clean the inside of the disc drive with a compressed air can since dust and dirt buildup will cause your drive to become faulty. Open the drive door and carefully blow out the inside. Compressed air cans can be found where you purchase your backup discs. If you have questions or need help performing a backup, contact your Fast Parts support rep at 859-344-1925.

Thanks for all your calls and to the many Fast Parts users who have purchased the Partmate™ inventory tool and the CrashLink™ program that gives more interchange information with OEM part numbers. Please call me for more information on all the new products.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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