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Issue 63
March 2013
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Thank all of you who have called with questions and comments about your Fast Parts and Car-Part products! One of the most asked questions lately is about Car-Part Pro and why we have developed it. Some of you have the idea that it is just for late model yards that sell to body shops that do mostly insurance work. It is true that the insurance companies are requiring more body shops to incorporate used parts in the repair of wrecked vehicles, but that is just one part of the market Car-Part Pro is attracting. Many small and large mechanic shops are now using Car-Part Pro to find their parts. Why are they looking on Car-Part Pro instead of the website? These are professional repair people who buy used parts every day and want the quickest, most efficient way to quote and purchase their parts. By using Car-Part Pro, they are able to limit their search results to show only the parts that meet their needs. The only parts that show up are the ones that meet the required warranties, delivery time, recycler certifications, and damage codes they are interested in. This makes it much quicker to make reliable quotes on repairs using recycled parts. The idea is to make your used parts as easy to purchase as new and aftermarket parts.

Car-Part Pro will be the method of choice for the repair industry because of the many new features being developed now. Car-Part is offering the repair industry the ability to incorporate the Car-Part Pro lookup in their quoting software so they can have access to used parts without exiting their customized software program. The Car-Part Pro search now allows users to click a "Confirm Availability" button. When they click it, our Real Time Part Verification feature will check to make sure you still have the part, as well as alert you in iCPM's new Verify tab that someone is checking on your parts. We are also working on an e-commerce feature, which will allow your customer to purchase the part online, so you can sell your used parts 24/7, year-round! We are accepting signed applications now. You always tell me you want to be on the ground floor of the next big thing. Well, here it is! Give me a call so I can explain the process in detail and you can be selling 24/7 very soon on the Car-Part Pro site.

The Fast Parts-to-Checkmate upgrade project is going very nicely. As you know, Car-Part has agreed to pay the setup charges for you to upgrade to Checkmate, which makes it just about free. Many Fast Parts users have taken us up on this offer! So if you have interest in adding pictures, Barcoding, eBay sales, QuickBooks integration, extended warranty sales, and a host of other features that our Fast Parts system does not offer, please give me a call for all the details. Our conversion from Fast Parts to Checkmate includes on-site trainers and because of the volume of yards taking advantage of this offer, we need about six weeks of lead time. Give me a call if you're interested in knowing more about the upgrade offer.

Call me today about the Car-Part Industry Conference, which will be held August 8-10 at the Holiday Inn in Erlanger, KY. With all the changes in our industry, this is the year you go. For more information, visit our Products website or call me. And don't forget to ask about the Early Bird pricing!

Thank You!

boB Clark

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