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Issue 66
June 2013
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Summer is here and with it comes the hot weather that should increase your auto parts sales. has many aftermarket vendors signed up to offer you parts to supplement your used parts sales. How can you use the aftermarket vendors to your advantage? One example: make Silla Radiator Company a broker partner. When a customer goes to the internet to find a radiator for their vehicle, you will show up because all of the Silla Radiators show up in your inventory as a 1, 2, or 3-day delivery. You get the call and can offer the customer the Silla Radiator, another brand, or even your used radiator. You give the customer the choice, but the point is that they contacted you and you have the chance to make the sale. That is just one example of an aftermarket vendor helping to lead more customers to your business. There are many vendors that can do the same with their products. For a complete explanation of how vendors can help your business, give me a call.

If your yard takes advantage of the latest technology, consider the Car-Part eCommerce program, which will be rolling out soon. This program allows body shops and mechanics to purchase your parts 24/7 online. This feature will use a real time search to locate the parts they need and purchase them all in one action. eCommerce will make it just as easy for the professional repair industry to purchase your used part as it is to purchase new or aftermarket parts, giving you a better chance to sell parts to the professional repair industry.

Now would be a great time to give me a call to learn about the Fast Parts to Checkmate conversion offer that is going on. For a limited time, Car-Part will pay the substantial setup fees to upgrade you to the Checkmate system. Car-Part will also pay for on-site trainers to come out to your business to set up your system and train you. With these cost incentives, now is the best time to consider the upgrade to Checkmate. As you know, the Fast Parts system does not offer the ability for you to include pictures of your parts in our program. With getting close to showing parts pictures on the website, this may be the time to consider upgrading to Checkmate. Checkmate has a simple method of adding photos of your parts in the inventory process. By showing parts photos, you will have the advantage over your competition when selling your parts on in the future.

Alan and I are calling each one of you to personally invite you to the 2013 Car-Part Industry Conference, which will be held August 8–10, 2013. With all the changes in our industry, this conference may be the most important we have ever put on. Come see the roadmap of the future of the auto recycling industry and get one-on-one training on all the selling tools we offer. Call me before June 28th to get a discount on your tickets. Hope to see you there!

Thank You!

boB Clark

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