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Issue 74
February 2014
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

The Fast Parts to Checkmate upgrade project is going very nicely. As you know, Car-Part has agreed to pay the setup charges to upgrade you to Checkmate, which makes it just about free. Over a hundred Fast Parts users have taken them up on this offer already. So if you have interest in adding images, Barcoding, eBay sales, QuickBooks integration, extended warranty sales, or a host of other features that our Fast Parts system does not offer, please give me a call for all the details. Checkmate is the new Fast Parts rewrite you have been waiting for! Our conversion from Fast Parts to Checkmate includes on-site trainers. Because of the volume of yards that need training, we will need about six weeks' notice to arrange your conversion. Give me a call if you're interested in knowing more about the upgrade offer. Please don't put this off! Convert now while the free offer is still going on.

I have been getting great reviews from Car Part Pro customers who are brokering vendors' parts on their sites. When you show more parts on the internet searches, new customers find your parts easier. It just makes sense: if you are showing your inventory of used parts on the internet and you add aftermarket and new parts to your list of available parts, you will get more calls (which will result in more sales!). I believe this one feature of the Car Part Gold program can result in giving your business the boost it needs to go to the next level. If you have questions, call me to find out more about brokering parts on your site and on Car Part Pro. If you tried Car-Part Gold before and dropped it, you need to try it again because we just keep improving it to include the best-selling tools available. Call and ask me about putting your parts directly into body shops' and mechanics' estimating computer systems so they can buy your parts 24/7.

If you are not already using Partmate to inventory your vehicles, with my question is: WHY NOT?! The price of a tablet has come down and when you add the Partmate program to the many uses of the tablet, it makes for an unbeatable combination. Not only will it cut down on the time to inventory your parts, but it will make your effort much more reliable. Partmate features our exclusive SmartVin technology, so you will be given fewer interchange choices and the chance of selecting the wrong part is reduced. Partmate costs only $35 monthly, and a $75 one-time setup fee (with a six month commitment). This is one of the best values Car-Part has to offer!

Over the years, you have called me with many valuable ideas on what improvements you wanted to see in your inventory management system. I think when you see the Checkmate system you will see I was listening and that most all the features you asked for are incorporated in the newly updated Checkmate system. Give me a call and let's start talking about when you will be updating your system.

I enjoy hearing from you, so give me a call when you can.

Thank You!

boB Clark

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