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Issue 75
March 2014
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Exciting News!

We should have the Car-Part Auction™ kickoff within just a few months, and you will want to make sure you are on the list of recyclers that can bid on these vehicles. Car Part Auction is in the process of setting up an online auction so you can bid on vehicles without incurring high buyer fees. One of the complaints I hear most from recyclers today is the difficulty of purchasing vehicles at a price they can afford and still make a profit on selling the used parts in the market place. Car Part is trying to help with the buying process by setting up this auction for the recyclers. You will be able to bid on vehicles in your area and pick them up directly from the tow lot or body shop. Give me a call for more information and to sign up so you can participate in the auction when we release it.

In today's marketplace, you must find ways to sell your parts to new customers. One of the simplest methods to do that is to partner with other auto recyclers in locations that you normally don't sell into. Make it easy for your partners to sell your parts by letting them know when the parts will arrive and what damage (if any) the part has. This is where can help you with brokering in Car-Part Pro! This brokering feature can calculate the delivery time, warranty and condition of your parts, giving your partners the information they need for their customer. Car-Part Pro can make your parts easy and profitable for your partners to sell, giving you that larger selling area you need to increase your profit. Car-Part Pro is of great value to recyclers, and is available at no extra cost if you subscribe to the Car-Part Gold.

Selling aftermarket parts at your auto recycling business is not a new concept, but Car-Part Pro has brought this process to a whole new level. Showing parts you have access to, as well as parts you have in stock yourself, is becoming more important in our industry. Brokering aftermarket parts with is easy and is a proven way to increase your inventory and to sell more parts. Car-Part is having a promotion right now to show you how easy it is to broker parts. Give me a call to learn more about how you can increase sales with this easy-to-use tool.

Over a hundred Fast Parts users have converted to Checkmate in the last year. If you have interest in adding images, Barcoding, eBay sales, QuickBooks integration, extended warranty sales, or a host of other easy-to-use features that our Fast Parts system does not offer, please give me a call for all the details. Checkmate is the new Fast Parts rewrite you have been waiting for! Our conversion from Fast Parts to Checkmate includes on-site trainers and because of the volume of yards needing training, we will need about six weeks of lead time to arrange your conversion. Give me a call if you're interested in knowing more about the upgrade offer. Please don't put this off! Convert now while the free conversion offer is still going on.

Remember to mark your calendar and call me to reserve your place at the Car-Part Industry Conference on August 7-9 in Kentucky. You get a discount if you reserve your place early or if you have upgraded to Checkmate since last year's conference, so call me today.

Thank you for your calls and emails.

boB Clark

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