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Issue 92
August 2015
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

The Car Part Industry Conference was just a couple week ago, and I thought I would relay some of the powerful topics that were discussed there. This year's theme was "Building a Sustainable Future." Jeff Schroder, CEO of, kicked off the two-day event with a roadmap for success in today's changing landscape of the auto recycling industry. He discussed how our auto recycling industry is part of a larger automotive repair industry that is excited about using our parts in repairing their vehicles. He explained that there are opportunities to gain customers, but there is a strong competition for that business. The manufacturers are making changes to their part pricing to compete for that business. Jeff showed how the Car Part Pro program was putting recycled parts next to the OE parts on estimating systems, giving us the best chance to compete for that market.

The Car Part Industry Conference is the event where we are able to show off the newest features and products our Development team has been working hard on. Recycler's Part Images are now showing in Car-Part Pro search results, and are coming soon to, Trading Partners, and individual recycler websites. The new Checkmate Sales Pro was a hot topic at the conference, as many of the attendees attended our interactive Checkmate Sales Pro Boot Camp. That class was so popular we had to add an extra class to accommodate everyone! We also announced that Windows 10 works with many of the Car-Part software programs. Call me for information before you load the Windows 10 update to make sure all of your programs are compatible.

There was an excellent class on using Excel to help run reports from your Checkmate data. The class on how to take the best pictures of vehicles and parts was also very informative - some of the methods of taking pictures I had never thought of before, but they make perfect sense. The class on our Checkmate eBay solution brought out many way to make posting parts easier and more efficient. Most recyclers who use eBay were impressed at how many small parts they normally crush, but can now be sold on eBay with a little effort. The Order Trakker and Real Time Barcoding class showed everyone how technology can make the inventory and sale of loose parts so much simpler. Many of the classes educated us on how to improve and streamline processes so we can use our time more efficiently. That is just a taste of what went on at the conference. Along with all the fun we had on the Ohio River dinner cruise and the VW Beetles, our great band who rocked the group with great music on Saturday night, it was a very successful conference. Please put it on your calendar for next year. You will be glad you did.

I am putting together a discounted package of hardware and software for the conversion from Fast Parts to Checkmate. Remember, the conversion is free and with the discounted hardware this might be the time you should look into converting. I know you will be happy with your decision to convert to Checkmate because so many of your fellow recyclers have made the switch and have given me positive feedback. Call me with your questions and I am sure you will see the benefits of converting.

I am getting down to the last of the Fast Parts users who need to convert, so call me if you have questions. I would like to convert all of you as soon as possible and I know the price and value will make this update a decision worth making. Thank you for all the phone calls last month and please keep those comments and questions coming. Have a great month.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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