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Issue 95
November 2015
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I wanted to thank all of you for taking time to talk to me about converting to the Checkmate inventory management system. I was glad to hear most all of you understand that there was a need to rewrite the Fast Parts program, and if we did, it would look and operate like the Checkmate system. The logical conclusion to best serve you was to slide you over to the Checkmate system with little or no cost to you. The Checkmate system has all the latest technology built into it, making it easy to learn and much more intuitive to operate. The hundreds of Fast Parts users who have already switched to the Checkmate system have given me the thumbs up for ease of use and a short learning curve. Our conversion team here at Car-Part has a great record of making the transition from Fast Parts smooth and painless!

There is time for you to decide what time of year makes sense to convert to Checkmate, and many of you decided to make the switch this winter. We are busy making reservations for our trainers to travel to your area to give the hands-on training that makes the process so easy. With our Conversion Promo we will give you a chance to try out some new programs like Partmate, Bidmate, and many Car-Part Web Services you may not have used before. Take this opportunity for the first six months after the conversion to see just how profitable Car-Part can help you be. If you decide to keep the new products, you will not have to pay setup for those programs. This is a real savings for those quality programs! If you're not in the process of talking with your regional Checkmate representative about converting, give me a call so I can put you two together. This conversion needs to happen so please let me help you plan for the best time to make it happen.

Now, for a little industry news. The vehicle manufacturers have made a real mess with selling defective parts and then having the federal government demand that they recall those parts and replace them. Up until now that process had little effect on recyclers and the way we do business. Two things have happened recently that have brought the manufacturers' problem right to the doorstep of our industry. First, the volume of parts being deemed defective is increasing. Second, there are laws already passed that make it a criminal offense to sell those defective parts. That puts the problem on us. The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) along with Car-Part are working with Congress and the courts to force the automobile manufactures to give the information allowing us to know which parts are defective and the location of those parts on the vehicle. We also are trying to get you a fair compensation from the manufacturers for those defective parts. To add insult to injury, the manufacturers are telling the public not to buy parts from auto recyclers because they may get a recalled part.

We have a way you can help us work with all parties to relieve this burden on the recycling industry. Car-Part needs your permission to show your VINs on vehicles you have so the manufacturers can give us the information on those vehicles. With this information you can avoid selling defective parts, show what parts have been replaced with good parts, and maybe help get reimbursed for the recalled parts. It is important that you give me a call so I can get this form to you. Your action is needed so we can move forward with this needed effort.

Please give me a call if you have any questions on these subjects or anything else on your mind. I enjoy your questions and comments, so keep them coming.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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