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Issue 103
August 2016
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

The heat this summer is doing its job to supply you with customers that need parts for their vehicles. Are you doing your job putting your parts in front of those customers? Are all of your parts showing up when these customers are looking for them? There are two questions you should ask yourself when you are reviewing how successful you are at showing your inventory. The first is, have you done the work in inventorying all your sellable parts? The second question is, have I put my parts in all the places that the parts buyers are looking for them?

When was the last time you looked at what you inventory on your vehicles? Maybe there are parts that you are not showing that have become more popular in current years. It could be that you do not show some parts because the time in the inventory process out weights the value of listing those parts. Car-Part has a tool that makes the inventory process much easier and less time consuming, which results in giving you the opportunity to show more part to your customers. This tool is called Partmate, and can be used on an inexpensive touchscreen tablet so you can quickly select and inventory parts. When you upgrade from Fast Parts to the Checkmate system, you can bundle your Car-Part products, making the price of the Partmate nearly free. Contact me and let's talk about how the Partmate with SmartVin can improve your inventory and give your customers more choices to pick from. The first step in selling more parts is showing more parts to sell.

The second step in selling more parts is putting your parts in front of the people who need those parts. Car-Part has worked very hard to make sure your parts are in front of more buyers than any other service available. Car-Part wrote programs so that your parts can show up on smartphones and tablets, and your parts are seen by customers on those devices if you have the Car-Part Gold package. The increase in people viewing parts on smartphones and tablets has given the Car-Part website more activity than ever before. All the work making the programs to show your parts on these devices is really paying off and it makes our Car-Part Gold package an even better value.

The Car-Part Gold package also allows you to make your parts show up on Car-Part Pro. The Car-Part Pro professional part search puts your parts in front of the professional parts repair and insurance industries better that any other service. You need to study all the ways this service can help you sell to repair shops. Most of the used parts sales today are made by this industry. If you are not showing up to them, you are losing a huge potential for more parts sales. The Car-Part Pro configuration process takes a little extra organization, but we will walk you through it every step of the way and the benefits can be more than worth it.

I know that if you are not taking advantage of all the Car-Part Gold features, your parts sales are taking a big hit and you will slowly see your sales decline. You can be more aggressive finding new parts buyers without spending your valuable time and effort, if you will use these Car-Part tools.

Our effort to replace the outdated Fast Parts system is slowly drawing to an end. All but a few dozen Fast Parts systems have been replaced and we are ready to start the process of converting your system today. Please take the time to call me so we can help you make the switch to Checkmate. I promise we can show you a way to make this an easy adjustment that will end up making your business more profitable and easier to run.

Please keep those comments and questions coming and you can look forward to a call from me soon.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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