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Issue 107
December 2016
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Happy Holidays! Looks like we have made it through another year! 2016 brought us new challenges to overcome and, as always, the auto recycling industry remains stronger for its efforts. I hope your year is ending on a positive note. During the month of December I always like to reflect on the past year, so I can make positive changes from lessons learned. Let me start by giving you a simple tip that you should be doing as a regular part of your day, and that could save you a huge amount of trouble! One of the most overlooked duties in using a computer is remembering to do your backup regularly. I can't tell you how sick the feeling is when someone's computer crashes and they have not backed up their data in a long time. Don't fall in this trap. Back up your files often and take the back up to another location so your files are safe.

2016 was a year of change for most of the Fast Parts users. As you know, your Fast Parts system is nearing "end of life status," meaning that we will discontinue full support of your system in the near future. You can contact me for more information and I will explain what effect that will have on your Fast Parts service. The good news is that the newly-improved Checkmate system will replace the Fast Parts system at little or no cost to you. The best part of this change is that for a limited time, Checkmate is offering an extra day of training (for a total of 3 days of on-site training) at no cost! To help with updating your equipment, we will also give you a one-time credit of $100, and there will be no charge on our connecting software, AlphaCom (a $25 per license value). There are some other great incentives. Call me soon for details. Remember, all these offers are for a limited time and that time is just about over! There are just a very few recyclers left using the Fast Parts system, and the cost of supporting so few systems is very expensive. That's why the monthly fee was increased in November. Let me show you how to reduce your fees and get the best inventory system that will meet your needs. Make the time so we can discuss all your options available for making this positive change.

Because there are so few Fast Parts users, it has been my pleasure to talk to all of you over the past few months. I get this question most often: "Do I really need all the new features that Checkmate offers?" The answer to that question is: sometimes yes and sometimes no. Not every recycler needs all the powerful tools offered by the Checkmate system, and that is why we make many different versions of the Checkmate program to choose from. When we have our conversation about how you use Fast Parts, we can determine which version of Checkmate will be best suited to your business. Some yards like to dive into all the newest gadgets, while others would like to continue to use about the same amount of functionality that Fast Parts offers. I have even found some of you that didn't need an inventory system at all. Some recyclers just used the interchange, so we have a product made just for that need and at a huge savings in monthly fees. Checkmate offers the widest selection of inventory management options for you to choose from. Some of you believe in "Keeping it Simple" and Checkmate can do that!

All of us here at the family including Fast Parts, Checkmate, and Car-Part Web Services wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a very prosperous New Year.

Thank you for all of your questions and comments.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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