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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Issue 113
October 2017
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

I have a question for you this month: What are the two fastest growing profit centers in the auto recycling industry? It is a question that you should be considering when thinking about your business success in the future. The first way to make more profit is to expand your selling territory and show your inventory to that expanded area. has introduced ways for you to compete in new markets by adding several Trading Partners and Brokering features in Car-Part Web Services. Buying and selling to your partners has never been easier. You gain inventory, to sell, by adding your brokering partner's inventory to what you show on You add to your sales area by selling your inventory to the recyclers you have chosen to partner with. You will have more inventory to sell and a larger area to sell in using brokers. It is a Win/Win proposition that Car-Part has made simple for you to use.

The second way to increase profits is by adding Part Images to your online part listings on Car-Part marketplaces. Many auto recyclers are confirming that adding pictures to their listings has increased sales. Not only are their parts picked more often than parts without images, but they receive add-on sales because the pictures show other parts the buyer is in need of. Car-Part has made the process of adding images simple. You can now use the mobile Photomate app on your smartphone to capture images of your parts and transfer the photos directly to your Checkmate inventory system. The app makes it simple to add those images of the parts in your warehouse. Adding an image of your part is a sure way to increase sales on

The last of our Fast Parts users are in the process of making the switch to Checkmate. We have made it simple and very inexpensive to convert to Checkmate. Because of the high cost of supporting an inventory system with so few users as Fast Parts, the cost of support is higher than the cost supporting Checkmate. Switching to Checkmate can cost you less than you are paying now for Fast Parts. You can have a newer and easier to use system for less money. I don't know why you would not call me today to start the conversion process. With Checkmate you will have a better inventory management system for less money.

When a customer calls or stops in to inquire about purchasing a part, you can bet they are looking for a good price and a quick purchase. Don't forget to offer aftermarket parts as an alternative if you do not have the used part in inventory. With the brokering feature of, you can have fast access to aftermarket parts at a great price. Just like looking up your inventory, the aftermarket parts can easily be located and ordered while you are talking with the customer, so you can make that sale. When customers are asking for auto parts, say YES more often with brokered parts.

If you were busy last month and I did not talk to you, please contact me as soon as you are able to so we can talk about your options in converting from the outdated Fast Parts system to the all-new and easier to use Checkmate system. I know talking about inventory systems can be a little intimidating, but you need to know all your options so you can make the best decision for your company.

Thanks for your business and loyalty. We are focused on your success!

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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