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Issue 116
March 2018
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

Running an auto recycling business is hard work, and anything that can make that effort easier is a welcome addition. When you have more information about your buying and selling efforts, they become less stressful and more productive. That is what the Checkmate inventory management system is all about. Your Fast Parts system does not have tools that give you a quick view of previous sales history and the marketplace availability - all at the point of sale when you need that information. Selling used parts today requires that you squeeze the most money out of every sale. Having the power to investigate each part's availability and sales history is essential. Our easy-to-use Checkmate system will be the single best investment you can make.

I was talking to one of my long time customers today and he ask me, "Why do you want to change me to another inventory system?" This is what I explained to him: We want to do this so that all of our customers have the powerful tools they need to compete in this tough used auto parts business. Change is always a challenge, but the rewards of converting will pay large dividends. Don't wait until the last minute when the timing might not be ideal. Start the paperwork process and get all the information today, so you can make this upgrade as easy as possible. Our Fast Parts promo will give you six months to try out some money-making Checkmate and other Car-Part products, while keeping your monthly fee the same as it is today. At the end of the six months, you can keep the new features without paying setup fees. Call me for details. You need the power that Checkmate has, and you can convert for little or no cost.

In talking to you last month, I needed to remind you that if keeping your business simple and easy-to-operate is your top priority, I can help you with that. Just because you change from Fast Parts to Checkmate does not mean you need to hire more people or change the way you do business. I can show you a way to change to Checkmate and pay less than you pay today for the Fast Parts system. It does not have to cost more to have an inventory management system with everything you need to operate your used parts business. is making a huge effort to make your parts more visible. Large mechanic shops and body shops are able to see your parts by using their computer estimating systems. That gives you a great advantage of selling your value-priced used parts over new and aftermarket parts. We have a large team of people going to businesses that use a high volume of used auto parts. We are helping them use Car-Part Pro for their part searches. This effort has been very successful in increasing the volume of used parts sold throughout the country. If you are not already listing parts on Car-Part Pro, you should call so you can take advantage of our effort.

The addition of images to website marketplaces has been the biggest improvement to the site to date. Every recycler who has uploaded images of their parts has stories about additional sales because customers saw pictures that showed more parts. You can get this feature when you switch to Checkmate and bundle Car-Part Gold for additional savings. It is your time to inventory all your parts and show them to the world with

Thanks for your calls with questions and comments. I want success for all of our customers so call me and let's talk about improving your auto recycling business.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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