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Issue 117
April 2018
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

You all know me well enough to know that when I call, I will have many questions for you. These questions help me understand your business so I can make sure you have the correct tools to keep your business successful in this tough marketplace. Not all auto recyclers operate their businesses the same, and that is why provides many options for your inventory system needs and internet exposure. Just like in your business, where you try to sell the correct part to your customer, we try to make sure you have the correct programs to meet your needs. Using the Fast Parts inventory system is like you selling an engine without all the parts to make it work. In the past, Fast Parts was a great way to keep track of your parts and sell them simply and effectively. Today, the Fast Parts system is missing some of the parts that you need to make an inventory system work. What are you missing?!

Most importantly, you are missing the updates to the interchange. Your interchange is becoming more and more out of date each month you refuse to upgrade to the Checkmate system. Computer programs get out of date just like computers do. Every so often you need to change them so they can operate with all the other programs that you need. Car-Part has made it easy, and mostly at no cost to you, to change from Fast Parts to the newest edition of Checkmate. The conversion team has changed over almost all of the Fast Parts users to Checkmate and they have a simple way of training you to use the new system. Most of the Fast Parts users have had little or no trouble switching inventory systems and most said they should have made the switch sooner. Whatever your reason for not upgrading to Checkmate, please give me a call so we can go over the solution to get this necessary upgrade planned and in progress.

What are the newest inventory tools on the market today? Partmate allows you to inventory parts on vehicles and now you can use the same tablet to inventory loose parts. You get more information about the parts you are inventorying at the time you are working through that process. Putting your parts in inventory has never been easier. Take pictures of your parts and show them on if you want to really increase used parts sales. Car-Part displays over 100 million images every month. The reason for this huge number is simple. The more parts you show, the more parts you sell. Some of you have told me that selling used auto parts is just a small part of your business plan. By changing to the newer Checkmate system, your parts sales will be easier to make and will increase in volume. You can work smarter, not harder. Call me for more information on how this works. is making a huge effort to make your parts viewable. Large mechanic shops and body shops are able to see your parts by using their estimating computer systems. That gives you a great advantage of selling your value priced used parts over new and aftermarket parts. We have a large team of people going to businesses that use a high volume of used auto parts and helping them use Car Part Pro for their part searches. This effort has been very successful in increasing the volume of used parts sold throughout the country. If you are not using Car-Part web services, you should call so you can take advantage of our efforts.

Thank you for all the questions and comments over the past few weeks. Many of you are well on your way to making this needed upgrade happen and if you are not, please give me a call so we can plan for your conversion to Checkmate.

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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