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Issue 118
May 2018
Hello Fast Parts® Users!

There is one thing in life you can depend on and that is that there will always be change. Sometimes change is a good thing! From talking to our group of Fast Parts users who have changed to Checkmate, it looks like this change is a good one. They tell me that for the most part, all the new features they gained by upgrading to Checkmate outweigh the brief inconvenience of learning a new inventory system. Conveniently located sales information helps you price your parts for full profit potential. The part warranty information that prints on receipts is unique to the part type, so your warranties make more sense to your customers. If you use you will be thrilled with how Checkmate works with it and gives you more tools to make the most of selling parts on the internet. Don't forget you can also start putting part images on when you convert to Checkmate. Showing pictures of your parts will really boost your sales. I can't wait until you try it!

These great upgrades and many more await you when you switch to Checkmate. Remember, switching costs very little. Many times it costs nothing, and all your inventory is transferred for free. The on-site and phone training is also included at no cost to you. Our conversion team is working every day to make your conversion to the Checkmate inventory management system smooth and painless. They have successfully converted over 400 Fast Parts users, so they really know their stuff. When they transfer your data from the Fast Parts system to the Checkmate system, in most cases, they also help clean up a lot of bad data in the process. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching to the newest auto recycling inventory management system on the planet. Call me today.

I would also like you to think about using Car Part Pro and the Brokering service we offer. Our latest information shows that over 40% of the parts that body shops and mechanic shops put on purchase orders with Car Part Pro are brokered parts. What are brokered parts? Brokered parts are parts that you get from other recyclers or parts suppliers, like aftermarket, rebuilt, and new auto parts. Car Part Pro can show your potential customers both the parts you already have and the parts you have access to by showing other suppliers' inventory on your own website. You can show as many parts as the biggest auto recyclers anywhere. Think of yourself as an auto parts distributor, not just a used parts seller.

To help you buy better vehicles at the best prices, we have developed another online product called Car-Part Salvage. This service connects you with insurance companies, tow lots, and any business that has vehicles they need to sell. You can buy at a lower price because the buyer fees are much lower and only auto recyclers are bidding on these vehicles. The vehicle sellers like it because they get to sell to you, the recycler, without all the expense of the middle men. There is no charge for signing up, so if you have not signed up for this service, call me today. We are processing more and more vehicles every day and once you sign up, we will notify you when there is a sale in your area.

I want to thank all the great Fast Parts users who I spoke with this past month about converting to Checkmate. Your questions and comments help me determine how best to go forward with your conversion and make it easy for you to upgrade. I will talk to you soon...

boB Clark
Call: 800-288-7415
Text: 859-620-9933

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