A new version of Photomate was recently released, which gives you the ability to maintain your Price Book from Photomate!

You can download the newest version of Photomate from your app store, today; however, in order to be able to search Trading Partners and CrashLink from Photomate, you must first update your Checkmate REST Server. Then, you must update your Photomate settings on each device (smartphone or tablet) that uses Photomate at your business.

First: Update Checkmate REST server

To update your Checkmate REST Server, follow these steps:
  1. On your Checkmate server computer, double-click the Checkmate REST Server Maintenance (CMRS) icon.
  2. The CMRS window opens, with a notice that an update is available. Click Download Update.
  3. The download begins. CMRS will briefly close to finish installing the update. When it is finished, CMRS will automatically restart.

Second: Update Photomate Settings

To update your Photomate settings on your device, follow these steps:
  1. Contact us and request your Photomate TP Config settings. You can contact your Checkmate or Web support rep directly, or call our main office at 859-344-1925.

    Your support rep will give you 4 pieces of information for each device:
    1. URL
    2. Username
    3. Password
    4. Email
  2. On your device, log in to Photomate and go to User Settings>TP Config.
  3. You will see 4 fields that correspond go the 4 pieces of information your support rep gave you. Enter that information here.
  4. Tap the Test TP button. If the information was entered correctly, Trading Partner search results will load on the screen. (If an error displays, check and correct your login information and test it again.)
  5. Click the back < button in the top left corner until you return to the main Photomate menu.
That's it! You will now be able to search Trading Partners and CrashLink from Photomate. For more information about that process, see the Photomate User Guide

If you have any questions about this process, don't hesitate to contact us at 859-344-1925.


CrashLink Screenshot
Trading Partners

Trading Partners Screenshot

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