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Tools for Recyclers

Bidmate Salvage Buying Tool
Designed for the fast pace of an auction!

Accessibility at Auctions
  • Over 500 integrated salvage pool auctions and over 100,000 vehicles!
  • Evaluate salvage at the office or at the pool. Effective both ways!
  • Bidmate is designed to work on a laptop or tablet, so you can take it to a sale with you. It also runs on desktops.
  • One-click access to salvage vehicle images on an auction's website
  • When a vehicle has been run multiple times in an auction, Bidmate alerts you and makes it easy to view more information about the previous listings (including photos).
  • Import auctions early and refresh the vehicle list and bid numbers as the auction date approaches. No work is lost!
  • Part grading automatically discounts the value of damaged parts.
  • Evaluate and price vehicles on one screen – no cumbersome menus
  • One click sorts the vehicles Bidmate has calculated are in high demand, so you know which to pay attention to and which to ignore.
  • Bidmate suggests how much to pay for each vehicle based on your projected sales, request activity, and current inventory, making it faster to price parts.
  • One-click access to your Trading Partners and wheel images.
  • Bidmate automatically calculates vehicle value based on your sales history and stocking levels! Demand Data
  • Demand Data gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding vehicles you have not had in your inventory.
  • See part request data from searches!
  • request data is converted into a number that is comparable to your own request data.

Industry Innovation
  • Our exclusive SmartVin technology decodes interchange information directly from the VIN, determining interchange for many parts automatically.
  • Bidmate includes Car-Part Interchange Plus interchange for subscribers.

Customize Your Workflow
  • Import and export your work to share with coworkers on up to 5 computers for the same low monthly fee!
  • Select from graduated or percentage cost of goods sold for overhead calculations.
  • Expanded fee settings that allow for greater customization

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$martList: Optimize sales of hot selling parts, based on marketplace data!

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