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Roger Schroder

New and Enhanced Interchange for 100+ Parts
in Car-Part Interchange Plus

ORLANDO, FL – announced that Car-Part Interchange Plus will soon include new and enhanced interchange for over 100 parts! Auto recyclers were pleased to hear this exciting announcement at the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida.

With this enhancement, Car-Part Interchange Plus will include new and enhanced interchange for over 100 parts including engine parts, interior parts, and body parts. It also includes new interchange coverage for Mitsubishi (2009 and up) and Mazda (2015 and up). The part types being added in this Car-Part Interchange Plus version 84.2 release were selected in large part based on the search data from and Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) users. Car-Part Interchange powers the and Car Part Pro online marketplaces, plus recycler software and services including Checkmate, Bidmate, Partmate, Photomate, Trading Partners, CrashLink, iCPM, Coremate, Core Pricing, and recyclers' website part searches. Eligible Car-Part customers will begin receiving this new interchange in their systems in Q1 2019.

This announcement is just the latest development in Car-Part's long history of interchange innovation. With each release of industry standard interchange, Car-Part reviews and analyzes the standard data, then modifies and enhances this interchange to release Car-Part Interchange Plus. Notable highlights in the history of Car-Part's interchange work include:
  • 2006: SmartVin is unveiled, which is exclusive technology that decodes interchange numbers from VINs
  • 2007: OEM to interchange mappings increased 30% for Coremate
  • 2009: Mercury switch interchange added
  • 2012: Partslink numbers mapped to Car-Part Interchange to enhance performance of Car Part Pro
  • 2014: Car-Part Interchange Plus covers 24 additional part types over the industry standard interchange data. This included popular parts that had not previously had interchange, such as tires, consoles, steering wheels, fuel filler doors, and rocker mouldings.
  • 2015: NHSTA air bag recalls were mapped to interchange numbers, and those recalled air bags were removed from all part searches and marketplaces powered by
  • 2017: Algorithms developed by Car-Part map individual component parts to assemblies. This technology provides an assembly-optimized workflow for iPro users, reconciling estimates with recycled parts available on Car Part Pro. (Recycled parts usage among iPro users is now at an impressive 18%, compared with the industry average of 11%.)
  • 2018: Car-Part announces at ARA, that Car-Part Interchange Plus will include new and enhanced interchange for over 100 parts.
Jeff Schroder, CEO of, said:

"We're thrilled to announce that we are making this new and enhanced information available to recyclers with Car-Part Interchange Plus. The future of our industry is all about adapting to rapid change. Change is both a threat and an opportunity. The marketplace demands that our industry reduces its margin of error in both automotive intelligence and in operations. Car-Part is devoting significant resources to enhancing interchange and improving the experience not only of auto recyclers, but of their customers. Vehicle technology and complexity continues to accelerate, and these changes will continue to be incorporated back into Car-Part Interchange Plus. Our interchange continues to be integrated into vehicle buying, inventorying, management, and the marketplace feedback loop to optimize part selling opportunities. Our iPro marketplace's success has demonstrated that our industry needs great assembly-to-component standardization in order to maximize recycled part sales. Car-Part is proud of the work we have done so far, and we look forward to tackling current and future challenges with our Car-Part Interchange Plus data."