Tools for Recyclers
Real Time Part Verification:
Real time "in stock" verification for Car Part Pro buyers searching for your parts!

Car-Part's Real Time Part Verification allows buyers using the Car Part Pro search to verify the information they see in their search results. Because a part may be sold or otherwise changed after your inventory is uploaded, our Confirm Availability button allows your customers to instantly confirm that the information they see about availability and condition is still accurate. After clicking the button, the buyer will see a message indicating whether the information is correct, the information has been updated, or the part is no longer available.

Recyclers who use Checkmate or Powerlink and list their parts on Car Part Pro can see which parts their customers are checking on in the Verify tab in Car-Part Messaging. You will receive an immediate notification every time a buyer uses the Confirm Availability button on one of your parts, and this notification will include details such as the part information, user type, contact information, price breakdown, and the message they received from the service.

Real Time Part Verification gives your buyers confidence in the availability of your parts and provides you with valuable sales leads!

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