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Tools for Recyclers
Car Part Pro by

Car Part Pro
Alternative parts marketplace designed for shops and insurers

Car Part Pro increases your sales to professional repairers and appraisers by showcasing your recycled parts in a way that is most attractive to these types of buyers. Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) provides integration with major estimating systems for a fully integrated workflow.

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Integrated Car Part Pro makes your parts more attractive to shops and appraisers with:
  • Availability of parts - we have the largest database of recycled parts in North America (4,400 total parts suppliers and 190 million parts)
  • Integration with the 3 major estimating systems
  • An assembly-optimized workflow
  • Real-time "in stock" confirmation with Real Time Part Verification
  • Accurate delivery information (leading to reduced cycle time) updated in real time throughout 15,000 supply chain relationships
  • Car-Part Certified recycling facilities with high-quality SLA (10,000+ with supply chain)
  • Filters for delivery days, part quality, part year, supplier certifications, and more
  • Cloud-based profiles allowing enterprise-wide customized searches
  • All-inclusive pricing (includes delivery and warranty selections)
  • Real-time communication with recyclers via Live Chat
  • Mobile apps for "on the go" searches (available for iOS & Android).

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