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Tools for Recyclers
What is Car-Part.com?
Car-Part.com is the recycler's low-cost, all-in-one Internet solution born from years of auto recycling experience.

Car-Part.com offers recyclers a comprehensive software suite that empowers auto recyclers to make their inventory available to all potential buyers including body shops, insurance adjusters, core buyers, and retail customers. Car-Part.com helps recyclers make it easy for their customers to find the best part based on condition, location, availability, brand, and price.

We are auto recyclers.
  • We understand your business and develop products that meet your specific needs.
  • We don't make any products for you that we wouldn't want to work with ourselves.
  • We are always focused on you, the customer. We thank you for everything you have done for us in the past years and look forward to continue serving you in the future!

We use our own software every day.
  • We buy our vehicles with Bidmate™.
  • We inventory our vehicles with Partmate™.
  • We run our auto recycling facility with Checkmate®.
  • We use Car-Part Exchange™ to broker recycled, aftermarket, and remanufactured parts.
  • We serve our customers and buy and sell parts instantly using Car-Part Messaging™.
  • We sell our parts on Car-Part.com, our own website, our state association web site, and to DRP shops that use CCC or Mitchell estimating systems.
  • We sell to core buyers using Coremate™.
  • We use Trading Partners™ software helps us locate parts from 4,100 auto recyclers.

Car-Part.com was created by an auto recycling family and the president of an Internet development and web hosting company. The auto recyclers were frustrated by the proprietary nature of their inventory management system-the systems on the market excluded body shops and repair facilities, and also they excluded auto recyclers who did not share the same management system. The systems were also expensive because of satellites and long distance calls.

Car-Part.com's co-founders realized that an Internet-based system would open up recyclers' inventory to anyone with a computer and a browser. It would also eliminate expensive long distance bills. Car-Part.com was the first company to offer an inventory search capability for recyclers' web sites, and the site went live in May of 1998.

Car-Part.com allows recyclers to add an online inventory search on their websites, and to add inventory to the Car-Part.com website. Since then, Car-Part.com has grown and we now offer a comprehensive product suite that empowers auto recyclers to make their inventory available to all potential buyers including body shops, insurance appraisers, core buyers, and retail customers, as well as to include software that helps auto recyclers buy vehicles, inventory parts, sell to all potential buyers (including body shops, insurance appraisers, core buyers, and retail customers), and communicate with other recyclers and customers in real-time.

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Buy vehicles and sell parts online with our end-to-end recycler workflow.

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Looking for a better Inventory Management System? Consider Checkmate by Car-Part.com!

Questions about our products?
Call Car-Part at (859) 344-1925. You can also reach us via email for sales assistance or general information.

Partmate: Revolutionary Portable Inventory Tool! Inventory a Vehicle in Checkmate with a Single Click!