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Tools for Recyclers
Executive Rountables

FREE for Internet Checkmate® Users!

Roundtable participants benefit from the knowledge and experience of everyone in their group and members are encouraged to share their perspective on various issues and situations. Roundtable members also learn how to more effectively use the Car-Part tools they already have to manage the various aspects of their businesses.

Recycler Roundtables are limited to 10-12 companies. Roundtables are designed for executives (owners or general managers only) with the "common threads" being location and volume. Roundtable participation is an exclusive optional benefit for Internet Checkmate® users, ensuring that a common technology platform is in use for report generation and training.

A facilitator from Car-Part is assigned to each group. Car-Part also provides administrative assistance and meeting planning. Each member is responsible for his/her expenses for travel, lodging, and meals. There is no additional charge from Car-Part for a recycler to participate in a Roundtable but membership is subject to group size limitations.

Roundtable members share certain basic operating information within the group. Additional information types and the detail level of information shared are determined by the group.

Each group sets its own meeting schedule subject to the availability of the facilitator. Meetings are calendared to allow the maximum number of participants to attend. There is a minimum of 2 meetings per year and a maximum of 4, as determined by the group.

Roundtables are currently operating in the Midwest, Southern, and Eastern regions of the U.S. with members stretching from Alaska to Florida. Expansion plans call for a new group to be established in the Western region soon.

The Recycler Executive Roundtable is a valuable information resource for Internet Checkmate users, and is in line with our commitment to provide recyclers with the tools they need to make their businesses grow and prosper.

No charge to participate!
For more info call (859) 344-1925 and ask for Jason Olson or Jeff Dietrich.

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