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CHECKMATE by CAR-PART.com: info@Car-Part.com
Tools for Recyclers
Checkmate by Car-Part.com

What's New

Checkmate Overview (4:10)
Introduction to Checkmate Sales Pro (5:06)
How to Price Unpriced Parts (8:37)
Introduction to Car-Part.com Demand Data (4:29)
Research Parts using the "Wildcard" Method (4:01)
How to Inventory and Sell Tires with Checkmate
AUT vs VUC: Tracking Vehicles in Checkmate (Infographic)
Car-Part World Tour: Sales Pro Basics Part 1 (Session Recorded April 2024) (Part 2 is not available as recording) (39:07)
Checkmate 2024R2
Adding eBay Item Specifics (8:25)
Checkmate 2024R2 New Features (including eBay Item Specifics, improved Work Order integration with Order Trakker, and new Excel Reports)
Checkmate 2023R3
2023/11/14 Car-Part Scoop Email Newsletter: New Sales Reports
2023/11/06 Car-Part Scoop Email Newsletter: New Inventory Reports
2023/10/02 Car-Part Scoop Email Newsletter: Relist to Refresh eBay Listings with Checkmate
Checkmate 2023R3 New Features (eBay relisting)
Checkmate 2023R3 (build 95) New Reports (Salesperson Analytics, Salesperson Performance, and Image History Report
Relist Stagnant Listings (3:04)
Mechanical Mileage Unknown View (4:29)
Checkmate 2023R1
2023/08/22 Car-Part Scoop Email Newsletter: Use eBay Business Policies with Checkmate!
2023/08/17 Car-Part Scoop Email Newsletter: Checkmate's New Version Drives Online Sales
Webinar: On-Demand Webinar (attend after you are upgraded)
Part Grading Improvements and New Features: Checkmate, Partmate, and Photomate
Part Grading Quick Reference Guide
Part Grading Update: Getting Started (25:22)
Checkmate New Features (eBay, Inventory Pro, Sales Pro, Reports, Accounting)
Checkmate Inventory Pro
Views in Checkmate Inventory Pro (9:36)
Displayed and Searched Inventory in Checkmate Inventory Pro (3:30)
Image Editor in Checkmate Inventory Pro (3:23)
Dynamic Bid Amount Field in Checkmate Inventory Pro (1:23)
How to Review Resolution Parts in Checkmate (9:02)
Reviewing Resolution Parts
Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay
Webinar Recording: How to Increase Sales with eBay and CrashLink (Recorded October 2023) (1:08:43)
Setting Up eBay Business Policies in Checkmate Workstation (4:38)
Adjusting eBay Business Policies for an Individual Part (2:12)
Automatically Relist eBay Returns (1:41)
Update eBay Templates on Active Listings (3:22)
Checkmate Sales Pro
View More Recent Activity in Checkmate Sales Pro (1:06)
View AUT Images in Checkmate Sales Pro (00:52)

Some features demonstrated in these training materials may not apply to your version of Checkmate. Click here to view the Checkmate version comparison, or contact your salesperson.

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Photomate: Mobile Imaging

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