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Tools for Recyclers
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Checkmate Version Comparison:
Find the right combination of features for your facility!
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  Classic Full Junior
Onsite Server: Enhanced customization potential with server located at your facility!
Onsite Backup: Back up your data onto an external drive or disc for maximum security!
Offsite Backup: Back up data on secure servers!
Inventory Pro: Easily reprice parts, process interchange resolutions, and make bulk edits
ARA Part Grading: Parts graded automatically when you enter damage, condition, or miles!
Advanced Inventory: Enhanced inventory-based reporting functions!
 Partmate™: Updates Checkmate with a single click!
 Advanced Partmate/Photomate
Barcoding: Reduce overhead! Barcoding and thermal tags simplify many tasks!
 Bidmate™: Buy smarter using your Checkmate data in Bidmate! Demand Data: Part request data in Bidmate
 Checkmate Sales Pro: Modern, intuitive interface and sales workflow
Checkmate Listing Manager: Quickly list parts on eBay™!
Car-Part Interchange Plus: New and enhanced interchange for 100+ part types
SmartVin™: Interchange numbers for most parts entered automatically from the VIN!
Smart Interchange™: Simplifies interchange while you look up parts!
Smartbox Search: Checkmate will assist your part lookup by narrowing the model/part codes as you type!
Vehicle and Part Suggestions: Increase sales with alternate part suggestions!
Warranty Calculator: Calculates and displays all warranty prices for each part!
Quotes & Work Orders: Store sales info for later use without processing the order!
Core Charges: Ability to charge core deposits
 CrashLink™: Get OEM-based interchange and pricing information directly from Checkmate!
 Order Trakker™: Track the status of your work orders from sale to delivery!
Imaging: Quickly add pictures to your inventory!
Imaging in Searches: Part and vehicle images displayed in marketplace search results!
Aftermarket Parts: Price, quote, and sell parts from Brock®, The Connection®, & more!
 Car-Part Exchange™: See other facilities' inventory inside Checkmate!
 Trading Partners™: Search for other recyclers' parts instantly from multiple Checkmate screens!
 Car-Part Messaging: Instant message exchange yards or trading partners for the parts you need!
Dashboard: See key statistics for your business, updated in real-time!
Business Reports: Track profitability, customer activity, inventory value and more!
Checkmate Reports: Custom reports using Crystal Reports®, Excel©, or Access®!
 Advanced Management Reports: Expanded management reporting included!
Accounts Receivable: Comprehensive accounts receivable package!
Car-Part Support: Industry-leading support from built in!
Remote Access: Conveniently work from any location, including wireless connections!
Multiple Windows: Do more at once by displaying up to 10 windows on each PC!
Customizable Features: Run YOUR business YOUR way with over 100 user options!
UPS WorldShip™ Integration: Calculates and processes shipping information!