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Tools for Recyclers

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Bidmate calculates a vehicle's worth to your business and how well it will return your investment, so you know how much to bid at the auction. With Demand Data, Bidmate uses marketplace request data in your Vehicle Evaluation process, giving you valuable information for vehicles you've never had in inventory before. And when you win a vehicle, the information is sent straight to Partmate.

Innovation by Design
You need a partner when you're at the auction evaluating salvage vehicles. Bidmate, the industry's premier bidding tool, puts the information you need right at your fingertips while you're evaluating a vehicle or bidding at the auction. Whether you use it to bid on multiple sales a week or just to buy a single car, Bidmate can be tailored to suit your needs. And our developers actively update Bidmate so it evolves with the changing needs of our industry, making sure that you stay on top.

Bidmate assesses how valuable a vehicle is to your business and calculates your bid for you - based on your very own inventory, sales history, and prices in Checkmate, plus the costs of the auction itself and your overhead.

Bidmate keeps up with the quick pace and increasing demands of the auction. It's robust while being fast and portable. This powerful tool is by your side as you evaluate an auction at the office or on location. It can be installed on your office desktops or laptops, and you can carry it with you anywhere on a tablet PC. Bidmate is the least expensive and most powerful bidding tool on the market today.

Bidmate was created with collaborators in mind. Import and export your work on up to five computers for the same, low monthly fee. Share your work with coworkers, and collaborate on your business's auction strategy. Maintain control over when vehicles get evaluated. You can import auction information early, and refresh the vehicle list and bid numbers as the auction date approaches. None of your previous work is lost when updating auction information.'s powerful, innovative features take the guesswork out of bidding - the information you need is right where you need it. Our exclusive SmartVin technology automatically detects interchange numbers for you. Car-Part Interchange Plus integration is available in Bidmate, offering more accurate interchange options when evaluating parts. One-click access to Car-Part Trading Partners helps you quickly estimate prices in your regional market. Never had a specific vehicle in stock? No problem, Demand Data helps you determine whether this vehicle is in-demand in your area and online.

How it works:
Bidmate is simple and striking by design. All of your work takes places on three screens: the Auction screen, the Vehicles screen, and the Evaluate Parts screen.

Auction Screen
The Auction screen is the first screen you see when you open Bidmate. Here, you add or select the auction you want to work on. Subscribe to multiple auction locations to have new sales automatically added to your Auction list so they're ready when you are. (You can also add auction information manually.) Just double-click on your auction to get to work or begin bidding at the auction.

Screenshot - Auction Screen

Vehicles Screen
When you select an auction, the Vehicles screen opens. This shows every vehicle available at this auction along with the important vehicle information: bid number, unit number, year, model, and mileage. There are also columns that are useful for you and your team to evaluate vehicles: your average cost, average sale, average profit, break even point, quantity on hand, percentage of desirable (BUY) parts, and Bidmate's "first-glance" Calculated Bid. In the Runs column, Bidmate even alerts you when a vehicle has been run multiple times in an auction, and makes it easy to view more information about the previous listings (including photos). Click the Photo button to view the vehicle page on an auction's website. One click sorts the vehicles Bidmate has calculated are in high demand, so you know which to pay attention to and which to ignore. After you personally evaluate a vehicle, your own Evaluated Bid is also available on this screen.

The Vehicles screen is also what you reference during the actual auction itself (more on that after the Evaluate Parts information).

Screenshot - Vehicles Screen

Evaluate Parts Screen
Open any unit in the list to evaluate this vehicle's parts and calculate the best bid for your business. On this Evaluate Parts screen, you can give Bidmate more detailed information about the parts, like selecting the appropriate interchange numbers and specifying whether a part is good or bad. The list of parts that appear on this screen are customizable, so you only have to see/evaluate the ones that influence your bidding decision the most. As you work through the list of parts, Bidmate will update your bid for you according to the information you provide. (When you're done working, you still have the ability to manually increase/decrease the bid as you see fit.) After you have finished evaluating the vehicle and calculating a bid, you can decide whether you want to Include or Exclude this vehicle from your bidding plans.

Screenshot - Evaluate Parts Screen

Customized Calculations
Bidmate's great power lies in how customizable it is. Bidmate's strength comes from how well it knows your business inside and out. Our Recycler Options allow you to customize nearly every aspect of how Bidmate displays information, and evaluates your vehicles and parts. Bidmate conforms to your preferences for how you want part grades, request data, auction fees, overhead, dismantling time, profit, pricing, and many more details to factor in to your bidding. Bidmate displays lists the way you want them, and automatically imports your favorite auctions. Each auction site has distinct fee settings that influence bids at that location, and some of these even update automatically. Once Bidmate is set up to work for your business, you don't have to revisit these settings unless something changes about your business.

During the Auction
The Vehicles screen, which displays the list of vehicles in this auction, is also what you reference during the actual auction itself. During the auction you can see which vehicles you wanted to bid on, and the maximum bid you calculated. Keep track of your bids in real-time, and specify whether you won or lost the vehicle. Not only will your bid and Win/Lose status become visible on the Vehicles screen, but any vehicles you mark as "won" are also automatically sent to Partmate. Demand Data
When you come across a vehicle that has never been in your inventory, Demand Data helps you make an informed decision. Of course, the marketplace is huge - so these numbers are adjusted to a size representative of your own market, they can be compared "apples to apples" against your own data. Bidmate takes our large, global statistics and converts it into a number that is comparable to the request data shown in your Checkmate system.

  • Vehicles screen: The CP% BUY column displays the percentage of parts on a vehicle that are most needed (BUY) parts, based on Demand Data.
Screenshot - CP% BUY Column

  • Evaluate Parts screen: The CP column displays part request data from the marketplace.
Screenshot - CP Column

When your sales history doesn't tell you what you need to know, Demand Data is here to lead you towards an accurate bid. When you subscribe to Demand Data, you also take advantage of that data in Partmate and Checkmate, and Coremate Pricing Information in Checkmate, for no additional charge.

Strong Results
With easy navigation, customization, and effortless portability, Bidmate is an important tool for recyclers. It saves time and helps you bid more efficiently so that you get better results and build the inventory your customers want. Boasting of over 320 integrated salvage pool auctions and nearly 60,000 vehicles, Bidmate is the tool you need for your next auction. For more information or to subscribe, contact your Bidmate sales rep.

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