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Volume 9 - Issue 3

5 Bad Habits that Keep Customers Away

Every month, online customers search for $5 billion worth of parts on marketplaces powered by and Car-Part Pro. But if they're not buying from you it may be the result of these 5 bad habits that we see all the time.

Stop these habits today to get your piece of this huge online marketplace!
  1. Not stocking parts your customers want. When you're deciding which vehicles to buy, do you just rely on what has always sold at your business? What about the parts you've never sold because you've never stocked them? Those are hard to evaluate. That's why Advanced Bidmate and Checkmate Sales Pro offer request data in their workflow, so you can identify parts that are in high demand online – the parts your customers want. Learn more about Request Data in Bidmate here.

  2. Listing parts without photos. Displaying your Part Images in search results gives you an incredible edge with your customers. 67% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is very important in selecting and purchasing a product. Most online customers think the quality of a product's image is more important even than a long description*. Customers are drawn to images. Use images to draw customers to you. It's easy!

  3. Not completing the Questionnaire process. If you haven't completed our Questionnaire process, your parts aren't being graded on If your parts aren't graded, they are pushed to the end of most search results, because the sorting default is to list graded parts first. Eligible recyclers who have not completed the Questionnaire process were notified by email several months ago. If you received this email but have been putting it off, contact today to start the process and get your parts graded!

  4. Ignoring your part grade conflicts. If your part grade and description have conflicting information, the part grade is removed from the part listing on until the conflict is resolved. The Part Grading Inconsistency Report outlines these conflicts so you can fix them and your online part listings can appear with the correct grading information. This report is available in the Car-Part Gold package's Car-Part Statistics and Reports. Learn more about the Part Grading Inconsistency Report here.

  5. Turning away Brokering sales - accidentally. Our Brokering program is a way for you to display other recyclers' and vendors' parts under your own business name online. You can virtually increase your inventory by not only listing the parts that you physically have in stock, but also listing the parts you have access to. But because these parts aren't in your own inventory, they aren't in your inventory management system and their stock numbers might be unfamiliar to you when a customer calls. We made a video that walks you though the process - click here to visit the Car-Part Gold training page, and click Brokering Basics at the top of the list to watch the video. Make sure to send it to all of your salespeople too!
Want to learn more about Request data, Part Images, Car-Part Statistics and Reports, or Brokering? Contact your sales rep or call our main office at 859-344-1925. We look forward to talking with you!


    Did You Know?, Car-Part Pro, and individual recycler websites are now using Car-Part Interchange version 81.4.

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