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Volume 08 - Issue 12 Search Changes - Check Your Part Grading Inconsistency Report

In just a few weeks, ungraded parts will be less visible on search results. Even if you enter condition information in your inventory management system, some of your parts might be listed without a grade on, making them affected by this change. Keep reading to learn why this happens and how to fix it!

We're making this change to simplify the process of buying recycled parts, and because of extensive feedback we have received from online customers who want an easy way to see quality parts. So, we're changing the default sorting method on searches to Search by Part Grade. Graded parts will be shown first in the search results, and ungraded parts will be pushed to the end of the list. And on Car-Part Pro, your professional customers still have the option of totally eliminating ungraded parts from their search results, so they don't see them at all.

Graded part listings on include an A, B, or C in the Part Grade column. This grade is calculated when your data is uploaded to us - we analyze the Condition information available in your data, and calculate the part's grade according to the Automotive Recyclers Association's part grading standards. Mechanical parts are graded by mileage. Body parts are graded by the amount of damage. But if a body part's condition information is inconsistent, the part will be listed on but will not be graded until the inconsistency is corrected.

Here's how your parts are graded when your data is uploaded: when you first began listing parts on (or in 2005, whichever is later), you were asked to complete a Questionnaire process. The Questionnaire process is the way for you to tell us which field you use to indicate part condition in your inventory management system. When your data is uploaded to, we look to that field for condition information. If we find damage information there, great! We grade the part based on that information. If we don't find damage noted there, we look in a few other places just to double-check. If we find something else that indicates there may be damage (like if the Description field includes a damage code or a keyword like "DINGS"), that part is left ungraded because the information we find is inconsistent and we aren't sure which is correct.

To help weed out these problems, we have a tool available that identifies these conflicts and inconsistencies. It's called the Part Grading Inconsistency Report. We encourage you to check this report regularly so you can correct the information in your inventory management system. After a problem is corrected, your parts will be graded on your next upload. To view this report, go to your Statistics and Reports page.
  • If hosts your website, your Statistics and Reports page is located at
  • If does not host your website, your Statistics and Reports page is located at (where #### is your Car-Part account number)
On this page, the Part Grading Inconsistency Report link will be available in your list of report types. (If you don't know your login information for your Statistics and Reports page, or if you don't know your Car-Part account number, contact your support rep. This page should only be accessed by a manager, because it gives access to other products as well.) If your report includes a very large number of parts, we might be looking in the wrong place for your damage information. Maybe your Questionnaire was filled out incorrectly, or maybe your business practices have changed since you filled it out, and you forgot to let us know. If you think this might be your problem, contact your support rep (or call our main line at 859-344-1925). We can take a look at your Questionnaire and help you diagnose the problem so your parts can begin to be graded on

The biggest barrier to using recycled parts in structured environments like the collision industry and eCommerce is when there is not a clear, precise, and consistent detailing of the condition of each recycled part. We're working hard to give our industry's customers a great experience when they're searching for parts. Let's work together to give them the information they need to choose recycled parts time after time! Remember, the change is happening in just a few weeks, so check out your Part Grading Inconsistency Report in the next few days to clean up any problems and ensure all of your parts are being graded!

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