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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 02 - Issue 07
July 2008

More For Your Money

Bidmate™ is a rare bargain. It is the most powerful, most feature-filled buying tool available, yet the price remains an incredible $25.00 per month. But there’s more: for that price you can load Bidmate on up to five devices. That means you can have it on your office PC, your laptop, your home PC, your buyer’s laptop, and still one more device of your choice. You can export and import work files between devices, or preview a sale in your office and send that work file to your buyer who inspects the actual vehicles. He will see your evaluation work and even any notes you made regarding each vehicle. He can send you a file showing his work and the auction results. (Note: exported Bidmate sessions may be imported into a PC with the same version of Bidmate.).

Bidmate also works closely with Partmate™, Car-Part’s portable inventory tool for Checkmate® and Fast Parts®. It’s easy to export the parts on the vehicles you bought using Bidmate directly into Partmate. Think of the time you’ll save! Your vehicles will be inventoried faster than ever. That means you can sell parts sooner and shorten the time it takes to generate a profit on your purchases.

Whether you use Bidmate alone or in conjunction with Partmate, it is a money-saving, profit-generating tool without equal.

Instant VIN Information

Bidmate decodes the VINs of vehicles imported into it to identify many of the options on the vehicle. SmartVin™ then applies this information to your parts list to identify as many interchange choices as possible for you. However, you may still view a “snapshot” of the decoded VIN information by highlighting the vehicle you wish to view and then clicking the “VIN Decode” button. A window will open, giving you the basic VIN information. From that window you can go directly to a list of similar vehicles you have previously purchased by clicking the “View my Vehicles” button.

Bidmate Reports Help You Communicate

The Bidmate “Won Vehicles Details Report” summarizes the parts list you used to evaluate the vehicle. It shows the parts you valued and the prices you used. It also shows the parts you designated as “Bad.” This is a good tool for letting your sales people know what you purchased. It’s also a good “check-in” tool for whoever inspects the vehicle upon delivery. This report is printed by clicking the “Print” tab from the auction list screen and then selecting “Detailed Vehicles Won.” A separate report will be printed for each vehicle you purchased.

Salvage Pools Update

Bidmate now supports the clipboard import of sales lists from Manitoba Public Insurance using Internet Explorer.

P&L Auto Pool in Indiana has closed. They still offer towing services and directly wholesale select salvage vehicles.

IAA is integrating six more of the former Verastar locations into their online bidding this month. Those locations are Bowling Green, KY; Paducah, KY; Asheville, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Nashville, TN; and Knoxville, TN. Bidmate will support these new IAA sales using the clipboard method with direct photo access and automatic import without the photo link.

Southern Auto Salvage Pool in Memphis was also recently integrated into the IAA network.

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