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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 01 - Issue 10
July 3, 2008

Chat Rooms in Car-Part Messenger
Connect with many recyclers at once

Car-Part Messaging, the instant messaging program specifically designed for customers, is a great way to connect to other recyclers and your customers to buy and sell parts. You can start a conversation with just the click of a button and send messages in real-time over the Internet. You can engage in private chats with only one other user, but you can also take advantage of chat rooms and communicate with many recyclers at once in a group chat room.

A chat room is a group of recyclers, often categorized by region or association. You can also create your own password-protected chat room for free; call your support representative for more details. When you are looking for a specific part that you do not have in stock, you can send a message to the chat room with just one click. You can configure your Trading Partners software so that these requests are posted automatically when you perform a search, or you can type them into a chat window. The other recyclers in this room will see these requests at once, and will be able to reply to you with a quote. You can then begin a private chat to ask questions, finalize details, or anything else you would talk about on a telephone call.

To join a chat room, go to Tools>Messenger Browser from your Car-Part Messaging toolbar. You will see a screen with a few icons. Double-click on the "Car-Part Chat Rooms" icon, and a list of available chat rooms will appear on your screen. Right-click on the chat room that you would like to join, and click "Join chat room." You will be placed in the chat room. Once you are in a chat room, the messages that you send will be seen by everyone in the group.

Using chat rooms is easy and efficient because you can communicate with neighboring salvage yards and fellow association members at once. The chat room communities ensure that you reach many of your fellow recyclers at once to streamline the buying and selling process.

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Price Lowered on Car-Part Exchange!
Buy parts directly within CheckmateŽ

You may not always have the parts you need. When you are looking up a part in Checkmate and find that you don't have it, your best resource is other recyclers or aftermarket vendors. With Internet Checkmate, you can now search for the parts you need right from your Checkmate program!

Car-Part Exchange a fast and efficient way to find parts from your favorite vendors and recyclers. When you can't find a part in your own inventory, one command searches Car-Part Exchange yards' inventory to find that part. You will find a list of your Car-Part Exchange yards that have your part, even those that use an inventory management system other than Checkmate. You can often see your Exchange yards' inventory better than they can! Even if the other management systems don't grade their parts, the parts will be graded as you view them (unless that yard has specified that it does not want grades displayed). Once you find a part you are interested in, there is a link you can click to instantly connect with that recycler via Car-Part Messaging (if you both subscribe). You can start a work order, adjust the price, add a warranty, and put the part on an invoice and purchase order. There is almost no limit to the number of Car-Part Exchange yards you can have on your system, and you can add popular aftermarket vendors such as The Connection, Brock, and NuParts.

Car-Part Exchange allows you to quickly find the parts you need. With the new low price, there has never been a better time to subscribe to this valuable resource. For more information about Car-Part Exchange and how it can benefit your business, contact your salesperson.

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