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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 01 - Issue 11
September 12, 2008

Trading Partners Vendors
An updated list

Does it take you more than two clicks to buy an aftermarket part? If you have aftermarket vendors in your Trading Partners™ (F-key), that's all it takes to contact an aftermarket vendor and buy the part you need. If you look up a part and see that you don't have it in stock, you can perform a Trading Partners search right from your inventory management system and search the inventory of other recyclers or aftermarket vendors. One click on the Car-Part Messaging™ link puts you in touch with your vendor so you can buy the part. All three major aftermarket providers show prices on Car-Part, and you will soon be able to see which warehouse is storing the parts you want to buy. We are adding new vendors all the time! Here is an updated list of all the aftermarket vendors you can currently have as trading partners:

  • The Connection
  • Brock Supply Company
  • Nu-Parts Automotive Products, Inc.
  • American Dismantlers (specializing in mirrors, body parts, etc)
  • Auto & Truck Electronics (specializing in computer boxes and miscellaneous parts)
  • Automotive Cooling Products, Inc. (includes starters and alternators)
  • Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. (specializing in engines and transmissions)
  • Jensen Auto (specializing in a/c compressors)

Did You Know?

In Bidmate, you can see information about vehicles you have previously purchased that are the same model as the vehicle you are currently pricing. This information includes the number of days it took you to break even on them, or the percentage of them still left in your inventory. To view this information from the "Parts" screen, go to View>My Vehicles.

What's New in Internet Checkmate08
The best just got better!

Checkmate® has always been an exceptional inventory management system. With the newest release, Checkmate08, new enhancements and improvements make it better than ever.

Checkmate08 includes new Car-Part Reports, so you can create inventory reports by interchange or sales reports by payment method. Shipping labels can be printed with bar-coded invoice information printed right on the label, and you can scan shipping information directly into UPS Worldship™. Special enhancements mean Checkmate08 works even better with Partmate™. The inventory screen now features expanded Stock and Location fields, private inventory notes and extra notes to describe the part. There is a new User Description field that holds 128 characters and will soon upload to, a Part Kind field where you can specify if a part is used OEM, new OEM, rebuilt, aftermarket, etc., and a Part Category field specifying if the part is in the warehouse, yard (bolted), or yard (unbolted). The part grade has been added to select inventory reports, there are advanced editing fields, and undamaged pricing is available for crash parts.

The "Find and Sell" screen now features a "Detail" screen with VIN, mileage, and profitability displayed for all parts. There are advance returns and advanced purchase orders for all users, with Advanced Management Reports features now included in both. Included with the Purchase Orders module is a report which will give you the profit margin by vendor or salesperson. The "Customer" screen has many new beneficial enhancements. For customers with multiple locations and a single billing address, we have added Shipping Address fields. The City, State, and ZIP code fields were separated, and the ZIP entry automatically populates the remaining fields. Email, website, and instant message ID are all clickable hyperlinks; one-click communication can save a sale! A Customer Class field has been added, so you can identify each customer as a body shop, car rebuilder, core buyer, insurance company, part rebuilder, recycler, retail, shop, or none. There are also fields for alternate phone, minimum part grade accepted, fax number, toll-free number, and more. There is now a delayed COD posting option, so you can keep CODs open until payments are received.

For more information about the new features of Checkmate08 or any other products, contact your salesperson.

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