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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 02 - Issue 1
January 20, 2009

Fifth Anniversary of Checkmate Purchase reaches a milestone

October 2008 marked the fifth anniversary of's purchase of the Checkmate® inventory management system and its acquisition of a perpetual license to the Hollander® interchange. Since the purchase, has enhanced Checkmate with many new features, formed a Checkmate features group, built Checkmate add-on products to simplify recyclers' workflow, enhanced interchange, grown Checkmate to serve over 1,000 auto recycling facilities, and formed peer roundtable groups for Checkmate users to help each other with business analysis and ideas.

Our Checkmate team has over 300 years of combined recycling industry experience. They have made many enhancements to Checkmate over the past 5 years including automatic ARA part grading, 128-character descriptions, automatic DVD and hard drive backups, extended warranty capabilities, bar coding and thermal printers, Car-Part Interchange, customized and graphical reports with Crystal Reports, UPS WorldShip™ integration, enhanced customer screens, advanced purchase orders, integrated real-time Car-Part Messaging™, and Car-Part Exchange™ which provides unmatched data quality and selection.

In addition to these enhancements and new developments, we believe that the quality of the Checkmate software has improved in the past five years due to our staged release process. After in-house testing, each new Checkmate release first gets deployed at Foreign Auto Salvage, an auto recycler owned by executives which shares facilities with We have found that most problems in new Checkmate releases are found and fixed at this point. After resolution of issues discovered in this initial deployment, the new Checkmate release is provided to approximately 90 auto recycling facilities which have agreed to serve as Checkmate beta testers to use in their businesses. After receiving suggestions and feedback from these Checkmate beta testers, finalizes the new Checkmate release and provides it to all Checkmate customers. We believe that this staged release process allows to identify and correct most issues in a new Checkmate release before it is provided to all Checkmate customers.

Tony Faust of Viking Auto Salvage says, "When we purchased our Checkmate yard management system in 1991 it did a good job of helping us manage our business. The functionality today, however, is so far beyond those days that it is hard to believe how far it has come. The real leap forward came when the Schroder family, through, purchased Checkmate. All aspects have improved: sales, inventory, reports, and especially customer service. All this, and seamless integration into the best parts locating system around: It would be hard to imagine running our business today without it."

Did You Know?

Two new companies are supported in Bidmate™: Manitoba Public Insurance salvage auctions in Winnipeg and Brandon, and Gainesville Salvage Disposal dealer-only salvage auctions in Gainesville, Georgia. Both companies are supported by the clipboard import method, with a quick link to vehicle images.


New Vendor Added to Trading Partners
Sherman & Associates, Inc. now showing inventory has recently added Sherman & Associates, Inc. as the newest participating vendor displaying its inventory on the "Vendors" link on Trading Partners™. This Vendors link makes it quick and easy for you to purchase aftermarket parts from participating vendors.

Sherman & Associates, Inc. is a leading international supplier of aftermarket automotive body parts and accessories with two locations in Michigan (Washington, and Grand Rapids). Sherman & Associates, Inc. carries a full line of sheet metal, lighting, mirrors, and bumpers for new or late model vehicles. Sherman & Associates, Inc. is also a great source for accessory parts including radiators, condensers, door handles, power window regulators, and much more. Sherman offers local next-day delivery service or prompt shipping (UPS or Common Carrier), all at a great price with excellent customer service. For more information about this vendor, you can visit the company website at

If you have never used the Vendors link, start by searching for a part using your Trading Partners search. This is the search you perform with your F-key in your inventory management system, or the "CP" button in Bidmate™ and Partmate™. Next, look at the Vendors button at the top of the Trading Partners search results page. If any participating vendors have the part you are looking for, a number will appear in parentheses on this button indicating the number of participating vendors which sell this part. Click on the Vendors button to view the part description, price, and vendor. You can make your sale while still on the phone or while on Car-Part Messaging™ with your customer. The Vendors button feature is a standard part of's Trading Partners service. Vendor information is made available to recyclers only through the Trading Partners service and these parts are not displayed in response to parts searches performed on the public website.

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