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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 02 - Issue 2
January 30, 2009

New Vendor Added to Trading Partners
Now showing inventory from EngineQuest has recently added EngineQuest as the newest participating aftermarket vendor displaying its inventory on the "Vendors" link on Trading Partners™. This "Vendors" link makes it quick and easy to purchase aftermarket parts from participating vendors.

EngineQuest provides new, remanufactured, and reclaimed engine parts. They specialize in unique, out-of-production and hard-to find engine parts for all makes and models of cars and light trucks. EngineQuest sources cores from its sister company, AA Midwest, which maintains a huge core inventory of over 50,000 engines and transmissions. With a full line of stock and performance cylinder heads, they have thousands of new, remanufactured, and reclaimed SKUs in stock. EngineQuest helps reduce parts proliferation by altering one core so that it replaces several hard-to-find or salvaged parts. EngineQuest drop-ships at no charge from three nationwide warehouses, providing two-day shipping to 90% of the US in most cases. You can even drop-ship directly to your customers. Since 1949, their family has helped engine rebuilders solve production problems. Known for their knowledgeable staff, longstanding reputation for quality products, and one of the best warranties in the business, EngineQuest's goal is to provide the parts you need at the right price. You can learn more about EngineQuest at

To search the aftermarket inventories of EngineQuest and our other participating aftermarket vendors, start by searching for a part using your Trading Partners search. This is the search you perform with your F-key in your inventory management system, or the "CP" button in Bidmate™ and Partmate™. Next, look at the Vendors button at the top of the Trading Partners search results page. If EngineQuest or any other participating vendors have the part you are looking for, a number will appear in parentheses on this button indicating the number of participating vendors which sell this part. Click on the Vendors button to view the part descriptions, prices, and vendors. You can make your sale while still on the phone or while on Car-Part Messaging™ with your customer. The Vendors button feature is a standard part of's Trading Partners service. Vendor information is made available to recyclers only through the Trading Parts service and these parts are not displayed in response to parts searches performed on the public website.

Did You Know?

If a Hollander® yard asks you to look up a part with a side and gives you a number like 125-00947L you must drop all leading zeroes and leave off the side designation. First, replace the part code 125 with FRG. Next, remove any leading zeros from the interchange number. For example, 00947L would become 947. If the part you're looking up is a sided part, you'll know which side the customer wants by the L or R at the end of the interchange number. In this example the L would be placed in the "Side" field within the "Find and Sell" screen. In summary, to look up this front door regulator by interchange number, within find and sell screen, place FRG in the "Part" field, 947 in the interchange field and L in the side field.


It Pays to Use Bidmate
A worthwhile investment

How long does it take you to complete these tasks:

  • Decode a VIN on an auction vehicle?
  • Research inventory status for the parts?
  • Check market pricing on unfamiliar parts?
  • Add up the values of the parts?
  • See what you've paid for similar cars and how well they performed?

Bidmate™ makes these tasks faster and more accurate and, in some cases, completely automates these steps. Bidmate not only saves time, but it also aligns your bid prices with the actual performance of similar vehicles in your business.

Many of today's auctions list 300-500 vehicles. With Bidmate, you can do a preliminary evaluation of the entire sale in just minutes. After the sale has loaded, click on the column heading "Calc Bid." This sorts the sale list by the initial calculated bid value. The vehicles at the top of the list have the highest sales potential before performing any necessary interchange resolutions.

Simply start at the top of the list and work down. Open each vehicle and review the parts. Reconcile any interchange issues. Add any other parts that you might want to value on the vehicle. Change prices. View vehicle pictures. Search the parts on the Internet. View your other parts in stock. With Bidmate, you can do that and more from one screen. You don't have to use a new screen for each part on the vehicle. It's that easy, and that quick!

With all these features and a low monthly fee, Bidmate doesn't cost, it pays. Please contact your salesperson if you would like to learn more about Bidmate or if you would like to license Bidmate.

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